456. WHO world conspiracy
456. WHO world conspiracy

456. WHO world conspiracy

Wroclaw/Poland 05/24/2023

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The coronavirus pandemic was just a test balloon – the globalists testing how far they could go by stripping us of our basic rights. Now we go much further: The World Health Organization of the WHO, which should actually be called the “World Depopulation Tool”, should be given the right to decide in all member countries what future “pandemics” announced by this criminal organization should look like.

The WHO is currently changing their International Health Regulations (IHR) from 2005. The content of this updated “Pandemic Treaty” is shocking. At the International Friends Meeting 2023 with 45 countries online Kla.TV founder Ivo Sasek explains how existentially threatening this whole WHO Treaty is and shows how to resist against this worldwide WHO Conspiracy. Source.

See how well they have prepared to conquer the world.

There are still people in the world who believe that all these activities are something natural and not planned by anyone. There have always been people who were more or less intelligent. It is natural. The former need more time and more drastic facts to recognize the existence of the idea of world upheaval. We don’t need them for anything – they’ll applaud just as much when the globalists get their well-deserved punishment.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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