154. Political correctness
154. Political correctness

154. Political correctness

Vienna 12/15/2021

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I no longer found two opposing words that were forcibly stuffed into a sentence – the slogan: political correctness!

History and our experience teach us that if something is correct it is definitely not politics, and if it is politics it is certainly incompatible with correctness.

Political Correctness Gone Mad - Weekly Column - A Dad's Point of View

Words express our thoughts and our thoughts describe and create the world of each of us. If we start using different words frequently, our world will change accordingly. Because we create the world. We create with our thoughts what we then see as reality. It’s different for each of us. Yes, I already wrote on this blog that there are as many different worlds on earth as there are people.

That is why new rules of grammar and word formation are being fought for. When we replace the beautiful word “mother” with the word “parent number 1,” we agree to limit the emotional ties between ourselves and our closest being. In this way, family relationships are gradually destroyed.

Every mammal, animal, and every human being always has two pairs of genes. YY women and XY men. When a new life arises, the mother inherits one of the two genes Y and the father either Y or X. Therefore, the sex of the child only depends on which of the two types of sperm with the X or Y gene wins the race for the new one Life. There were, are and will always be people in the world who belong to only one of the two sexes, women and men. Neither of these genders is worse or better – both play an important role.

Every living being of a mammalian species, whether or not it has undergone sex reassignment surgery, has one of these two sets of genes from its parents in each of its cells. No sick philosophy can change that – it can only scream and it is happening right now.

Let us not be fooled by the thesis that 17 sexes are superior to two.

The use of gender should be banned! Such a slogan pops up here and there. I don’t agree with that – that’s censorship. I would rather consider another slogan: The use of gender should be ridiculed!

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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