184. War in the media
184. War in the media

184. War in the media

Vienna 2/26/2022

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This article is not intended to ridicule the really serious situation related to the war in Ukraine. I just want to show how public opinion is manipulated.

Every day the number of people who criticize the credibility of public media grows. There are even those who argue that the weather forecasts are rigged, especially those referring to days with announced manifestations.

In German Bild such a photo is presented:

Putin has civilians shot at

As in an old joke “An article appeared in Moscow Pravda: Ivan Ivanovich won a car on Red Square in Moscow. The news was basically true, only it was Pavel Pavlovich, not in Moscow, but in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad), not on Red Square, but in a small alley, it was not a car, but a bicycle, and he didn’t win it, but it was stolen from him.”

Why am I trying these beard jokes? Well, if you look at the photo above with the added image of a smiling woman smeared with ketchup and compare it to the photo below, these are the associations that can come to mind.

The photo is not from Kharkov, but from Magnitogorsk, after the 2018 gas explosion.

And here is a second example, also from the “serious” Bild magazine:

The Russians are breaking through to Kiev

The editors were probably worried about the gas situation since they showed the picture again after the gas explosion, this time in China in 2015. You can see a direct report of this accident. Is it the journalists’ laziness or simply lacking material to support the narrative imposed from above? I think both.

Back in August last year, I wrote about the infiltration of real information into the Bild newspaper. After Julian Reichelt left the Bild he owned, the magazine returned to the noble path of the only true “truth”.

This photo shows the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine – this time from the magazine Die Welt:

Ukraine has completely closed its airspace! Ah, those tourists!

I present you with a few photos that, according to western media, are considered “good” Ukrainians:

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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