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176. Offer

176. Offer

Vienna 2/13/2022

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Patrick King, one of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy in Canada, received a letter on Saturday 02/12/2022 with a tempting offer.

This letter was allegedly written by the mayor of Casselman – a small town between Montrael and Ottawa – Conrad Lamadeleine. Little angry sparrow – always in action, as the Ontario Ombudsman posted on social media years ago.

This person, to take it seriously, put a judge’s chain around his neck and submitted a written application to Patrick King. He challenged him to show he was a man, a hero – and the first to break the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge on the Canada-US border. As a reward, he would be given the presidential chair currently occupied by the globalists’ puppet Justin Trudeau. You can see the reaction of the leader of the Freedom Convoy in the video above.

Of course, it is a naïve attempt to drive a wedge into this powerful grassroots movement of protest against lawlessness.

At the same time, Canadian police began removing trucks blocking the Windsor crossing at the US border.

Officers have not moved in to arrest any demonstrators, but continue to slowly move in, giving them less and less room. RCMP reinforcements, including officers in military-style gear, arrived at the protest site as backup
The police made no arrests, but by beefing up their forces at the border, they also restricted the space for protesters. Source.

In the USA, too, the Freedom Convoy is being prepared for March 1st. The US President has too little backing in the US military to counteract such mass protests.

Trudeau said: restrictions are necessary to prevent further restrictions.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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