62 Where is this virus?
62 Where is this virus?

62 Where is this virus?

Vienna 3/14/2021

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Has anyone really seen the corona virus?
This childlike question was asked six months ago. We have had about 7 billion virologists on earth for a year. I’m skipping little kids here.
And most of them know that the virus cannot be seen. Even under a normal microscope. What is this ridiculous question?
This isn’t entirely pointless – virology can isolate something like the virus.
Hundreds of articles on the subject have appeared in the press and on television for a year.

If we take a closer look at the way virologists work, we conclude that they don’t follow the rules imposed on them by the makers of microbiology.
None of the listed processes for isolating this virus fulfills all of Robert Koch’s easy-to-understand and logical postulates.

And here was the problem. A group of people in Germany decided to donate a good amount of € 225,000 to the first person to correctly isolate the coronavirus or to present a scientifically documented virus isolation process.

A further 11,250 euros were added to this sum, which was financed by another group. This offer was published in November 2020.

It is interesting that no one has shown up for such easy-to-raise money in many months.
Or maybe some of the readers work in this industry and want to significantly improve their financial resources in a simple way?

In any case, if you read again in the press that scientists isolated the virus, I advise you to ponder the credibility of the information …


Author: Marek Wojcik

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