195. The other side
195. The other side

195. The other side

Vienna 3/28/2022

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We have already become accustomed to the images of war in which this evil side, Russia, commits war crimes while Ukraine bravely and heroically defends its sovereignty. If you just look at it from last month’s perspective, Russia is undoubtedly the aggressor. I do not intend now to go into the political reasons for this war. This time I want to show you what this war looks like from the other side.

As in our Western media, we find there much exaggeration and hypocrisy. This has been the case in all wars so far. The development of technology has made it possible for us to watch one-sided and very often simply untrue reports from the war in front of the TV and nibble chips.

Let me start with the less drastic images provided by the Telegram channel. You can read more about this channel in German here.

On Friday, the first truck convoy with humanitarian aid from Russia arrived in the city of Izyum (about 100 km south-east of Kharkiv). And this despite the fact that the city has not yet been completely evacuated by Ukrainian forces and the Ukrainian army shelled the city with artillery. But the humanitarian situation requires it, it was no longer possible to wait with aid deliveries.

And now, for the sake of balance, information about the achievements of the Russian army. I would treat this information from last week (source) as information about the takeover of a Russian tank by Ukrainian Gypsies. However, I am introducing them so that you have a comparison. Movie in Russian.

🇷🇺 Russian Ministry of Defense with special operations status in Ukraine:
▪️ In one day, the Russian Air Force destroyed 117 military facilities in Ukraine, including the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system;
▪️ Russian anti-aircraft defense shot down three Ukrainian planes (two Su-25 and one Su-24) and six drones.
▪️The Tochka-U tactical missile near the town of Vasilyevka was destroyed.
▪️The Onyx precision cruise missile destroys a fuel depot near Nikolaev that supplied fuel to the Ukrainian army.

The next video, also in Russian (source), shows Alexei Klimenko, a member of the Ukrainian nationalist organization ATO:

Already at the age of 16 he came to the ultras of FC Metalist Kharkov. Exactly the club that took part in the 2014 fire massacre in Odessa. Now Alexei apologizes, says he understood everything, but at the time he says nothing was on his mind. Fights Drugs were more interesting back then. His story is an example for others. A young man in bloom. And how many were just like him? How many have been brainwashed by having neo-Nazi ideas pumped into their heads? What do young people with adrenaline rushing through every opening need? Complete freedom and encouragement to any act (yes criminal of course). It’s easy to see that these guys didn’t have painting as a hobby.

In Mariupol, Ukrainian nationalists burned a swastika symbol on the body of a young girl:

“The girl’s body was shown to us by the DNR fighters – it lies in the basement of a school in Mariupol, where the Azov nationalists had a base. One of the girl’s arms was torn off, the remains of adhesive tape were visible on her head, and a swastika was branded on her stomach. How we got hold of this footage is a longer story: I’ll post a post later with details and a video. For now – a few photos and a short video. Does anyone else have doubts about the Ukrainian nationalists?”

This film is not for the faint hearted. That’s why I only provided a link. Ukrainian soldiers beat Russian prisoners of war and shoot them in the legs (seen at the end of the video). Clear violation of the Geneva Conventions relating to the treatment of prisoners of war. There is a second part of this film but I don’t want to show it. For those interested, I recommend the source link.

I think this cruelty is enough. The war crimes problem is not as clear cut as our corrupt media tries to make us believe. Think about it if TV makes you hate everything related to Russia. This is war rhetoric and has little to do with real life. This is an intentional act. A man so manipulated will have no qualms about having to kill a Russian in the event of an armed conflict – after all, he is a “war criminal” and “someone worse”…

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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