369. Our future is already planned
369. Our future is already planned

369. Our future is already planned

Vienna 02/02/2023

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It doesn’t take much to see what our future should look like. A country with the most inhabitants is already included. See what life is like in China’s social credit system. In this video you will learn how this Chinese control looks like in practice.

Social Credit System.

Millions of cameras on the streets have their positive sides. None of us is surprised by the inscriptions at the entrances to European cities: “City under surveillance”. People feel safer. This really works, provided the authorities really want our best interests. The last three years have convinced many people that “want” and “the best” aren’t quite right. The desire is there, but mainly, to control society as much as possible.

Total security is a utopia. No one can guarantee that criminals will leave us alone. Nobody can guarantee us that we will get well, especially when the healthcare system throughout the western world works in the interests of big pharmaceutical companies who want us to get sick. No one can guarantee our safety when we cross the street. You don’t have to have ill will, it’s enough for the driver of the car, who was previously given the elixir with the number 19, to have a heart attack. Or the pilot of the plane we took on vacation.

Of course we can give up our freedom, which many people are unable to cope with, in order to create a false sense of security. It is individual for each of us whether we like the life of an obedient ant that doesn’t break boundaries, or whether we prefer to make our own decisions about our lives. Most of us find ourselves somewhere between these two extreme positions: while we disagree with the prevailing stupidity of orders from the authorities, we sit quietly because it’s so convenient and nobody picks on it.

Freedom Convoy Song.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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