370. Reconnaissance balloon
370. Reconnaissance balloon

370. Reconnaissance balloon

Vienna 02/05/2023

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A mysterious balloon flies high in the stratosphere over US territory. This is what it looks like up close, accompanied by the second twin balloon.

Source: Telegram 02/04/2023 07:48 am.

Witnesses simultaneously saw two balloons being filmed.

Source: Telegram 02/04/2023 03:28 pm.
The Pentagon said the balloon is now over the center of the United States. It is steerable and carries a larger, unidentified payload. Source: Telegram 02/04/2023 07:42 am.

Residents of Billings, Montana, where a balloon flew by today, filmed an unidentified object exploding.

Source: Telegram 02/04/2023 02:48 am.

The target is hit. According to American and Canadian media, the first balloon will be followed by a second, which is currently flying over Illinois. In addition, the Pentagon reports the discovery of another reconnaissance probe over Latin American territory, moving north toward the United States.

That’s what the media and eyewitnesses say. What do we know? We know that a few years ago it would have been unthinkable for a flying object to enter US airspace with impunity. Unless they were invented and created by the Pentagon on computer images of airplanes stuck like butter in the steel structure of skyscrapers. Therefore, I believe that the most likely explanation for this phenomenon is another action of the combined globalist and swamp forces after the virus and the war in Ukraine. That means the CIA, the Pentagon – of course only selected and trustworthy people – with money from Soros & Co.

Of course, these are just speculations. Covid threats have long since stopped working, a decisive offensive by Russian troops is being prepared in Ukraine, the US position as the world gendarme is under serious threat, even the vision of nuclear war is already boring to most of the US population. Let’s invent and create something spectacular, such as Chinese balloons over the United States that will scare the media. To make this story more believable, let’s cancel the US Secretary of State’s visit to China. Doesn’t that fit with the plans to conquer the whole world?

Have any of you wondered why the Chinese would send “spy” balloons visible to the naked eye, when they have satellites at their disposal that can count the number of hairs on your heads or determine their absence? These balloons were released, not necessarily by the Chinese, and there was only one goal: they were to be noticed and cause fear in you. When you are afraid, you will sacrifice much more than you would without this artificial fear.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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