368. Plandemic Philanthropy
368. Plandemic Philanthropy

368. Plandemic Philanthropy

Vienna 02/01/2023

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Insider fraud – This is what the courts call the act of using previously unpublished information or influencing the stock prices of companies in order to make a profit. This is the course adopted by the greatest “philanthropist” and “vaccine scientist” Bill Gates. On Monday, an article appeared in Report24: Bill Gates sold shares in BioNTech – then stated that Covid vaccines are ineffective. Source in German.

Since he was mostly dishonest, it is not surprising that he used his position to sell shares in Pfizer’s German subsidiary cheaply and then drove the share price down. Perhaps some of you would do the opposite, but admittedly Mr Vaccination is a ruthless fraud and not a fool to fall into the trap of his ideology.

The question can be asked: why did he criticize the effectiveness of the vaccines he promoted? The reason is independent media, which, contrary to the efforts of the globalists, has become the main source of information for many people. Spending billions on CNN, Spiegel or The Guardian didn’t help. These mendacious and unanimous means of mass propaganda have and are losing their former credibility. That’s the way things are – a lie can be hidden for a while, but not permanently.

So our philanthropist had to admit the failure of the elixir of happiness – as I call this deadly compound – starring graphene oxide.

Of course, he didn’t say at the Congress at Australia’s Lowy Institute, in his presentation entitled “Preparing for Global Challenges,” that he was declaring the bankruptcy of the vaccination program – which would normally be the result of – I think premeditated – genocide.

He said: We also need to solve the three problems of [COVID-19] vaccines. Current vaccines do not block infection. They’re not broad-based, so you lose protection when new variants emerge, and they have a very short duration of action, especially in the people who matter, the elderly.

So Bill Gates is supposed to save the world from the corona virus? The same one who has been trying unsuccessfully to protect his Windows from viruses for years?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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