364. The effect of the elixir of happiness
364. The effect of the elixir of happiness

364. The effect of the elixir of happiness

Wroclaw/Poland 01/28/2023

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The Elixir of Happiness – that’s what I call this experimental substance that is injected into everyone who has given in to media pressure to “solidarize” with their fellow human beings. As I wrote in the article Graphene Oxide, this substance (Graphene Oxide) makes up over 99% of the composition of these pseudo-vaccines. Graphene oxide has amazing abilities related to the electromagnetic field – radio waves. It’s intelligent enough to communicate with Bluetooth-enabled devices, including most cell phones, wireless headphones, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Observe how this substance reacts to the mobile phone field when making a call:

One can get the misleading impression that this inanimate matter is suddenly coming to life under the influence of a nearby cell. However, since the film is in Russian, according to the EU Commission’s recommendations, it should be treated as Kremlin propaganda, like anything Russian. So I suggest watching an American film showing the graphene oxide found in MacDonald’s products.

McDonald’s chicken pieces under the magnifying glass: microplastics, parasites, graphs… Source: Telegram 12/23/2022 07:16.

While writing this article, I came across comparative statistics on deaths in Germany. The data comes from EuroMOMO and the German RKI (Robert Koch Institute).

Three years, same period: week one to week forty-nine, same country: Germany. It is worth asking Ms. Van der Leyen whether this data was smuggled in by Russian spies? We will surely learn the truth from her.

I dare not link these deaths to the graphene oxide contained in the investigational drug. I could end up like Dr. Andrew Noack. For details about this case, see the article: Why did he have to die? Worthy of note is his warning about the atomic-thin blade created by graphene oxide. I’m not going to scare you here, especially the vaccinated. After all, eating chicken at McDonald’s is enough and the effect will be similar.

Dr Andreas Noack was murdered in November 2021.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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