93. Graphene oxide
93. Graphene oxide

93. Graphene oxide

Vienna 7/13/2021

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Last Wednesday, the Swiss magazine uncatnews.ch published an article stating that the Pfizer vaccine consists of 99.99% graphene oxide: “You want to kill people”. Spanish researchers have found that a substance known as the COVID19 vaccine contains enormous amounts of graphene oxide.

They randomly selected a Pfizer vial and divided it into six doses, just like an injection. Then they analyzed the chemical composition and it turned out that 99.99103%, so almost everything, was graphene oxide. The rest is RNA, i.e. genetic substance

The effects of introducing such an amount of graphene oxide into the body are not fully understood. After all, it is a “voluntary” experiment. In an article by nanopartikel.info about graphene you will find the following paragraph:

Is there any risk from this material to humans and the environment?

So far it is too early to conclude on positive or negative biological effects on humans, but first experiments with animals showed that lung damage can occur after inhalation of graphene nanoparticles. Concern has been raised by lung specialists about the safety of graphene and graphene oxide. They strongly recommend that appropriate inhalation (lung uptake) experiments of graphene must be undertaken in order to better understand the respiratory safety profile of this group of materials.

For the curious, I provide a link to a 2016 scientific study in the journal Particle and Fiber Toxicology on what happens when graphene oxide enters human cells.

What causes the world to perish has long since ceased to matter.

Another “conspiracy theory” turned out to be true. However, nanoparticles are used to label people with them.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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