363. Am i the killer?
363. Am i the killer?

363. Am i the killer?

Wroclaw/Poland 01/27/2023

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You may be surprised by this title. It comes from an old joke I heard back in the 1970’s.

England, the train rides in the compartment of three gentlemen. They weren’t introduced to each other, so they don’t talk to each other. The train enters the tunnel. It’s getting dark in the compartment. As they leave the tunnel, it turns out that one of the gentlemen has a dagger stuck in the heart area. The other two gentlemen eye each other suspiciously. The other must be the killer. Since they haven’t introduced themselves, they drive on and don’t talk to each other. The next tunnel and the next gentleman has a dagger in his heart. The third survivor shouts out loud: Oh god, I’m the killer!

The joke is maybe a bit too abstract, I realized when I read that Elon Musk is actually a globalist because he supports transhumanism. Yes, not only does it support transhumanism, but it even makes money from Neuralink technology. Too many times on my blog I’ve given the example of a knife that can kill people but can also prepare food in the kitchen. It’s not the tools that are dangerous. The intentions of the people using these tools are dangerous. Instead of accusing him of criminal intent, just listen to what Elon Musk has to say about it. Transhumanism can also be used for the benefit of humanity. Arthroplasty – an artificial hip – is also a type of transhumanism.

Musk can be blamed for many things, and we all have the right to do so, but it must be admitted that unlike Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, he is not the head of the companies he owns. He respects the opinions of his subordinates. If we criticize someone who secretly supports Davos criminals, we can conclude that we are just like them. Who among us is a staunch opponent of cash abolition? Who organizes or at least takes part in the protests against the slow dismantling of existing democratic structures? Hence the title of this article.

As long as Elon Musk posts censorship-revealing Twitter files, he will be my role model for bold action. I might disagree with him on other things, but that’s the beauty of our world, we have different opinions and we don’t have to be enemies.

I had severe side effects from my second booster injection. For several days I felt as if I was dying. I’m hoping there will be no permanent damage, but I don’t know. Source: Telegram 1/21/2023 23:56

If any of you think Elon Musk supports Klaus Schwab, see how he reacts to independent media.

Klaus Schwab declines an interview with an independent Japanese media journalist. Source: Telegram 01/20/2023 10:14.

Can you believe this creature is capable of taking any criticism?

Elon Musk has done 4 Covid-19 tests in a row and still doesn’t know if he is healthy as 2 came back positive and 2 negative. Therefore it is necessary to always carry out an odd number of tests.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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