362. Independence of European countries
362. Independence of European countries

362. Independence of European countries

Wroclaw/Poland 01/26/2023

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tried, seriously or not, to defy the American occupation authorities, and we shall see what came of it. Leopards will go to Ukraine. Not to defend this country. It’s an offensive weapon, meaning it’s used to attack, not defend. The only thing the German Chancellor got was a promise from the US President that one day they too would send Abrams M1 tanks to Ukraine. These are the tanks that weigh many tons more than Leopards and cannot scale a snowy hill. Maybe you should use winter chains? It’s just a malicious little digression.

A representative of the nation of a member of the Supreme Council of Ukraine was elected to the Ukrainian Parliament. Drugs supplied by friends from across the ocean do their job.

Source: Telegram 22.1.23 10:28

History buffs will be interested in this document.

The purchase of Kyiv is the official takeover of Kiev by the Russian kingdom as a result of the treaty with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as part of the “eternal peace” of 1686 and the payment of 146,000 rubles to the Polish side. Poland, in need of financial and military support against the Turks and Tatars and seeing no way of taking Kyiv by force, agreed to discuss the sum for which it would be willing to officially surrender. The parties began lengthy negotiations about the price Moscow would pay to Warsaw “for brotherly friendship and love” – this is how the diplomats officially formulated the purpose of the payment in 1686. The haggling over Kyiv lasted several months. Negotiations resulted in the final amount for which Kyiv was officially recognized as Russian – 146,000. Ruble. This corresponded to about 10% of Russia’s annual budget. The Kiev Purchase Treaty was concluded in the “eternal peace” of 1686. Source Telegram 22.1.23 10:46.

Well, there have been many surprising political twists in history. And what does Poland’s contemporary independence look like?

Two days ago I signed a deed of co-ownership of my father’s account at the Polish bank PKO. One of the applicable documents was a statement that I do not pay taxes in the United States. I don’t pay taxes there so I didn’t have a problem with that, but I wonder why I didn’t have to sign similar declarations for almost 200 other countries around the world? For example the Republic of Lesotho or Zimbabwe? The only explanation for me is the former US military power. Today, this country is no longer a superpower, but the laws imposed on its subordinate countries still apply. A citizen in Poland in a Polish bank dealing with a matter affecting Poland must ensure that he is not paying taxes in a foreign country across the ocean. Does it really surprise anyone?

The USA’s Himars multiple rocket launchers have played a large part in Ukraine’s successful defense struggle. (Iconic image) © Kyodo News/imago. Sourc

The part of the American armaments that remained in Afghanistan after the US donation to the Taliban in the summer of 2021 went to Ukraine. The US has virtually no ammunition stocks. It was used in Ukraine.

The technocrats had not counted on that.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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