420. The climate narrative is collapsing
420. The climate narrative is collapsing

420. The climate narrative is collapsing

Wroclaw/Poland 04/08/2023

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Another domino of climate lies falls over. After the carbon scam where nature decides all (96%) changes using the oceans, fauna and flora, the next dogma of global sea level rise of the seas and oceans of the world falls. The latest research, published in January in the Journal of Coastal Conservation, shows that sea levels off the coast of India have been falling for over a thousand years. In addition, the last two centuries have caused land growth, i. H. a lowering of the water table in the Indian Ocean.

The Austrian independent AUF1.info writes in the article Every country is warming twice as fast as the rest of the worldsource – writes:

It was reported in 2016 that Germany is warming faster than any other country in the world. However, in 2015 there was exactly the same headline about Finland, and in 2013 about Great Britain. Then, in 2019 and 2023, it was Sweden’s turn, where residents took note that their country’s temperatures were rising twice as fast as the rest of the world. In 2021, for a change, it was said that Europe was 2.2 degrees warmer than before the Industrial Revolution. So that other continents don’t feel neglected either, it was also claimed in Singapore in 2019 that the city-state was warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world. The same applied to Japan in 2014 and to China in 2015. Also in 2021 it was the turn of the entire African continent. Australia, Israel, parts of the US and Canada also received their respective warnings during the same year, saying they were rising at twice the rate anywhere else. Taking the polar ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic a step further, they were said to be warming three or four times faster than the rest of the planet.

The 2007 report that said the North Pole would be ice-free in five years at the latest. Other reports claimed that by 2020 all coastlines on Earth would be inundated. As is well known, none of this happened. There is now hardly a spot on earth that climate propaganda has not claimed is warming faster than any other. The headlines are practically identical, only the country names have been swapped. Nevertheless, it is always the so-called reputable system media that spread these copy & paste messages. If the underlying mechanisms are not disclosed, there will be a rude awakening – not because of the climate crisis, but because of a global dictatorship.

The subject of climate lies is a separate news section on AUF1. This is very important as it is used as a tool to impoverish previously economically developed countries, i.e. level them down to the level of countries that have been trying to climb the path to prosperity. However, wealth is said to be reserved for plutocrats only, and access to it is becoming increasingly difficult. We are currently on the way to a two-tier world society, as Karl Marx would say: a handful of the super-rich and the rest poor, depending on the whims of the earth’s owners.

For several years now, the system media has been trying to convince us that CO2 emissions must be reduced, otherwise the end of the world is imminent. But is CO2 really that dangerous? And is climate change, as constantly repeated, really causally “man-made”? Anyone who questions these unscientific dogmas will be ostracized as “climate deniers” and put in a corner. The parallels between corona and climate hysteria are obvious. But anyone who has seen through the Corona swindle should not remain unaware that the climate swindle uses exactly the same instruments to manipulate people by the same background forces. Corona and climate are two sides of the same coin: It bears the name “Great Reset” and pursues the goal of a world government of globalists. Source.

Climate forecast for Europe for the next few years.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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