421. EU support for the continuation of the genocide
421. EU support for the continuation of the genocide

421. EU support for the continuation of the genocide

Wroclaw/Poland 04/09/2023

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On Wednesday, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) released a document Interim public health considerations for COVID-19 vaccination roll-out during 2023.

We need more vaccinations for older people over 65, that is, for pensioners. These recommendations are provided by ECDC. Let’s see what effect this “miracle” vaccination has on the younger generation. Not all died on camera – only a small group of those vaccinated, but there were far too many.

Source: Telegram 4/3/2023 5:16 pm.

Mathematical modelling has been undertaken at ECDC, based on the observed epidemiology of COVID-19 in EU/EEA countries, observed vaccine uptake of boosters in EU/EEA countries, review of the literature on vaccine effectiveness, waning and hybrid immunity.

Mathematical modeling was the topic of my diploma thesis. It is an easy to manipulate data analysis tool. The modeling method itself is useful in many cases, but the potential for fraud with this method is enormous. Suffice it to mention the mathematical models from three years ago, which only served to spread fear. There was talk of an exponential increase in infections from influenza, renamed COVID-19. I would like to remind you of the R-Factor used in 2020. It was a parameter that determines how many people a sick person can infect. When this ratio was above 1, it meant an increase in infections.

At R=2, after twenty cycles or consecutive infections, a sick person caused disease in over a million other people. It was a purely mathematical calculation of 220. In real life, models constructed in this way have no place, but they were effective at instilling fear.

At present, four EU/EEA countries have published their approach/recommendations to COVID-19 vaccination campaigns for 2023. In four countries, spring vaccination campaigns are recommended, targeting vulnerable groups (individuals aged over 75 years, those who are immunocompromised and residents of long-term care facilities). For the autumn vaccination, two countries have announced campaigns targeting vulnerable groups, such as individuals aged 65 years and above, and individuals with underlying comorbidities.

Since many countries have ordered these weapons of mass destruction many decades in advance, it is no wonder that new advertising campaigns are launched to get rid of these poisons. As far as I know, the EU has more than four member states. Most governments in the EU do not want to take responsibility for the Holocaust.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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