422. Science has uncovered the basics of deceiving the world
422. Science has uncovered the basics of deceiving the world

422. Science has uncovered the basics of deceiving the world

Wroclaw/Poland 04/10/2023

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Almost three years ago, I published two articles showing how a global pandemic can be introduced and justified with insufficient tools and resources. The first of these articles: How reliable are the PCR tests? and the second: Toss coin vs. PCR test. The YouTube videos I was referring to at the time had long since been removed by eager censors, but their content demonstrates the absurdity of using tests in place of a medical diagnosis.

There would be no pandemic if Mr. Drosten from the Berlin Charité had not given the world PCR tests in January 2020. The same Mr. Drosten propagated the swine flu plandemic in 2009/2010. Mr. Drosten’s doctorate is doubtful, since his dissertation has been lost and only a table of contents is available to date…

An article was published on the Report24 platform on Saturday: Sensational study proves unbelievable error rate in PCR tests and calls for consequences (source) that address this topic, based on published scientific studies by Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer from the University Hospital Würzburg/Germany.

Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer – Images: Screenshot / Odyssey, background via freepik / alexkich.

In the introduction to this scientific work (source), Professor Kämmerer wrote:

For the first time in medical history, a laboratory assay (RT-PCR) was used as the sole criterion to diagnose a disease (COVID-19) and to define infectivity of a virus (SARS-CoV-2) without rating clinical symptoms and proof of replication-competent virus to justify implementing population-wide, untested interventions.

I will not bother you with the details of this scholarly work. Those who are interested can read it – it is written in a way that the layman can understand – link above.

A very good idea – at least for the creators of the mock pandemic – but just as pointless was the introduction of the concept of asymptomatic illness. The excellent, dubbed TV “experts” bombarded us with such nonsense from the screens. Let’s imagine a situation where you go to the doctor and when he asks what’s wrong with you, we answer: nothing. I want to check if I have an asymptomatic disease. There is no shortage of hypochondriacs who would like to do this, were it not for the closed health centers.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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