19. How reliable are the PCR tests?
19. How reliable are the PCR tests?

19. How reliable are the PCR tests?

Vienna 6/10/2020

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It seems that we will slowly regain the rights we have taken away. Yes, the governments promise that they will slowly return to us.
What is important?
Only one thing – the number of positive test results is expected to decrease.
At the smallest increase in this number, loosening is suspended and even reversed, i.e. H. again restrictions.

I would, therefore, like to draw your attention to whether we can trust these tests.
We will take care of the PCR test, which determines our civil liberties.

A new film by Samuel Eckert – #NichtOhneUns was released yesterday on YouTube.
The video is in German, so I will describe the most important aspects.

NichtOhneUns – NoWithoutUs, protests in larger German cities against unreasonable restrictions on the pretext of a pandemic. Clinical tests in Stuttgart confirmed the effectiveness of this test in 95%, and in the case of higher virus concentration close to 100%.
Interesting, isn’t it?
Great lot!
And it should be like that. Let’s check, however, to be sure what the matter with the results of these tests looks like?
Let’s calculate it ourselves. 1.087.853 tests were carried out in Poland at the beginning of April.
Of these, 27,560 tests gave positive diagnosis. I once saw on the Internet information about the estimated average level of coronavirus infection in Poland. It amounted to 1.27% at the time.
In the Excel table, download link below, I entered this data.
I also gave two parameters that are shown by the test manufacturer (this data applies to German tests). These are sensitivity, the percentage of the number of correct positive results in relation to all positive cases, and the specificity of the same factor for negative results.

Below I present the result:


The difference between the number of positive tests received 27.571 and then reported by the media 27.560 = 11, results from the rounding of calculation formulas in Excel.

Please note the number of false-positive results. It is 13,962. This is 1.3% (100 – 98.7%) of the total number of uninfected persons, i.e. from 1.074.037.
The test reliability for positive results is 49.36%. So less than half.
Of all the positive results of 27,571, only 13,608 are actually correct.
The media uses mainly this number of infected.
The only thing that separates us from true freedom can be manipulated freely through the amount of testing!

Play with numbers alone. Here is the appropriate Excel file created by Samuel Eckert .

Isn’t it exciting how easy it is to manipulate millions of people?
Certainly not for manipulated people.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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