20. Toss coin vs. PCR test
20. Toss coin vs. PCR test

20. Toss coin vs. PCR test

Vienna 6/16/2020

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At the beginning, I would like to recommend the possibility of including English subtitles on foreign-language YouTube videos.

As stated in the previous chapter, the comparison would be decided in favor of the coin.

In the second part, Samuel Eckert again calculates the reliability of the PCT test based on the corrective data. If the information from RKI votes, the reliability is 15%.
If so, throwing a coin gives three times the result of a PCR test!

In today’s film, Samuel Eckert published another video on the topic of PCR testing.
Some inconsistencies have been resolved. According to prof. Drosten, German government advisor on the Pandemic, infection rate in Germany corresponds to about 0.85%.
What does that mean? Now that the PCR tests are more susceptible to errors (10%) than expected.

If you compare the last five years, mortality in Germany has decreased.
This shows how sensible it is to maintain a natural disaster.
The government is trying to maintain this condition as long as possible. In this way, many projects can be implemented that were hardly possible to implement in normal situations.

Even the mainstream media talks about the wrong picture of the pandemic by portraying discovered infected people without giving test numbers. To keep face, caution is constantly being discussed. Officially, nobody admits that this pandemic is fictitious.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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