21. How do countries in Africa view the pandemic of fear?
21. How do countries in Africa view the pandemic of fear?

21. How do countries in Africa view the pandemic of fear?

Vienna 6/17/2020

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Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, but geographically belongs to the African continent.
An interesting film about two African countries was made by a Canadian, Amazing Polly.

This may surprise some, but this chapter on Africa is an extension of the previous two chapters on PCR testing. The President of Tanzania decided to test the credibility of the coronavirus tests.
They sent samples of papaya, goat, rabbits to the laboratory, even a sample of motor oil.
Each of these samples was identified along with other required data and a fictitious name. The laboratory was not informed of this trick. The results of all of these samples for the presence of the modern virus were positive.
The president announced the results of this test at a press conference.

And how did the world react to such a speech? Has someone checked the reliability of these tests?
An article about the President of Tanzania appeared in The Guardian. He has been accused of quackery and the spread of conspiracy theories. That is, the same gratuitous nuisance experienced by experienced scientists when they publicly argued against the prevailing lie campaign. We know it from our back yard.
I would like to be able to choose such a politician from us. A politician who doesn’t have to prove anything. He really cares about the people who have entrusted him with power …

Tanzania wants to import COVID Organics from Madagascar, which has already cured many people of this infection. This medicinal product was made from a mugwort that grows in Madagascar.
The President of Madagascar presented arguments at the press conference that confirm the effectiveness of this measure. Of 170 patients, 105 were completely cured of the infection after 10 days. They were given no other medicines.
At the same press conference, a journalist mentioned that WHO was afraid of the negative effects of this herbal therapy.
The President of Madagascar reported on the research by Professor Bernard Debre, who examined 58 approved medicines and showed not only the complete lack of effectiveness, but above all, the danger to the health and life of patients associated with the use of these medicines
These drugs are also available on the African market and the WHO is not concerned that they could harm patients. However, the herbal medicine used since the 4th century AD must be thoroughly checked for harmlessness.
A WHO communiqué added that African countries “deserve the same criteria for the use of medicines as worldwide.” So simple, big pharma and vaccines…

I think, for the first time I heard politicians speaking like normal people. I was delighted to hear what both Presidents have to say.
Without the use of pseudo-scientific jargon, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and all these special PR tricks.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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