22. Conspiracy practice
22. Conspiracy practice

22. Conspiracy practice

Vienna 6/23/2020

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A conspiracy, also known as a plot, is a secret plan or agreement between persons for an unlawful or harmful purpose.

This is the definition of the word conspiracy according to Wikipedia.
The definition is clear, there should be no problems with the interpretation.
To speak about a conspiracy, we need a group of people (people who are known by name or not) and a specific purpose.
Let’s check another word: theory.
A theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking about a phenomenon, or the results of such thinking.

What is a conspiracy theory? A concept that has meant just as much as an unreasonable wrong sentence in recent months. At least that’s how the mass media treat it.
This approach is a convenient excuse not to deal with the questions asked.
In my blog, I collected facts that are supported by information about the source of this data. Where I make hypotheses, I write clearly about it. I leave the interpretation to the reader.
What you are reading is a description of conspiracy practice.

I will now present the arguments put together to show that it is a global conspiracy.

  1. The fear pandemic was launched by the WHO without providing scientific research sources on the harmful effects of the potential “killer of humanity.”
  2. On May 10, 2009, the WHO changed the definition of an epidemic so that every disease can be declared a pandemic, an epidemic in several neighboring countries.
  3. The date of the pandemic announcement correlates with a $ 50 million donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  4. In October 2019, the Event 201 conference was organized in New York, where the various aspects of the coronavirus pandemic were tested.
  5. In mid-March 2020, both the WHO and most of the mass media alarmed us that we were facing a terrible pandemic that would kill many millions.
  6. The method of reporting a pandemic was exactly the same in most countries around the world: the number of new cases was reported daily, which inevitably had to increase with the tests. Anyone who died or suspected of being infected with the virus was automatically classified as a coronavirus victim. No distinction is made between those who died from coronavirus and those who had it and who died, for example, of a heart attack.
  7. Due to the change in qualifications, we have the lowest mortality rate for flu this year.
  8. Coronavirus autopsy has been banned in most countries. This is the only way to determine the true cause of death and counter the pandemic.
  9. Wrong information about overcrowded hospitals was shown on television.
  10. Scientists who expressed a different opinion than the official one were immediately classified as conspiracy theorists. I present a list in German of 250 scientists, mainly respected professors, who have met this fate.
  11. This fear pandemic is based on PCR tests. As I wrote in two chapters, these tests are unreliable.
    Much more: tests that put people under house arrest (called quarantine) and serious political decisions, that destroy the lives of millions of people, have never been approved for use in laboratories.
    Only the WHO, which blew up this hysteria itself, made a recommendation to use it. This is how it works without scientific evidence. WHO conveniently speaks for a certain group of people.
    The manufacturer himself wrote in the instructions that these tests are not suitable for diagnosis. The same said the creator of PCR technology Nobel laureate Kara Banks Mullis.
    Because of his disobedience, Kara Banks Mullis was dismissed from the pharmaceutical lobby, which has a huge financial impact on the media, viewed in the scientific world as “unperson” in the Orwellian sense.

Eleven points. Each of them could be random, but all occur over the world at the same time. This can no longer be considered a coincidence.
It is “a secret plan or agreement between persons for an unlawful or harmful purpose” – conspiracy.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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