419. Pandemic made to order
419. Pandemic made to order

419. Pandemic made to order

Wroclaw/Poland 04/07/2023

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Self-proclaimed pandemic expert Bill Gates desperately needs a successful pandemic. Effective in terms of lethality and speed of spread. He is aware that it will be difficult to intimidate people again, this time with a virus that is not botched by the Chinese.

It’s true that the Chinese are known for making short-lived products. However, in the case of the Wuhan virus, they are not to blame for the failure. After bird flu and swine flu, this variant of flu, deceptively dubbed COVID, was no more dangerous and could spread faster than regular flu. The reason is clear, in 2020 we had a different version of the traditional flu that, like every year, would take the whole world by storm. Fairy tales about the production of the virus helped perpetuate this lie. The disappearance of influenza as a disease in 2020 is clear evidence of this.

No doubt the Chinese received money from Fauci through Dashak for research into the coronavirus. However, instead of believing their own lies, a sensible customer should first try to get the most important thing – proof that viruses really exist. Not an electron micrograph of any substance from the intercellular space wrongly assumed to be foreign. There is no reliable scientific evidence for the existence of viruses. The concept of a virus has been around for a hundred years and still remains a theory.

The adjective conspiracy fits this theory perfectly. Isn’t it convenient to claim that some army of microscopic structures – dead or alive – unknown causes serious human disease. After all, you can sell any “drug” of any vaccine spike to fight something hard to find in the body.

It is now the third year since the announcement of the €1.5 million prize for the scientifically honest isolation of the corona virus. There have been attempts to obtain this award. Each time it turned out that the traditional methods did not apply to the four Koch’s postulates, which laypeople could understand. This proves the quality of modern virological research.

But back to our topic – yesterday an article appeared on the NewsPunch platform: Bill Gates Lab Is Creating a Version of Monkeypox ‘1,000 Times More Lethal Than Normal’. When an attempt was made to declare a monkeypox pandemic less than a year ago, in May 2022, people’s response was laughter rather than fear. This certainly horrified the psychopathic “defender of humanity” against the pandemics he created. Apparently he decided to prove to mankind that monkeypox is something!

Based on the available information, it appears the project is reasonably anticipated to yield a lab-generated monkeypox virus that is 1,000 times more lethal in mice than the monkeypox virus currently circulating in humans and that transmits as efficiently as the monkeypox virus currently circulating in humans.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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