182. Bye virus, welcome to war
182. Bye virus, welcome to war

182. Bye virus, welcome to war

Vienna 2/23/2022

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Many people point out that for several days the information about a large number of “infections” with the celebrity virus has disappeared from the media. Instead, we are bombarded with another bogeyman – World War III.

“Russian troops in Donbass” – our press reports on the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine. The information is absolutely correct, but… Exactly – these troops have been stationed there for seven years. No doubt they didn’t appear there necessarily to help brotherly. We know how this USSR help ended in Afghanistan. I certainly would not defend the basis of such a war, just as I am against the war in Afghanistan, which lasted 20 years and ended so shamefully for the US half a year ago.

What are economic sanctions for? In my opinion, they are used to show us that politics is in charge and despite the losses (the European Union lost 38 billion euros in sanctions against Moscow), it is bravely confronting the lawlessness from the East. I’m not saying that Mr. Putin is acting in accordance with international law, I’m saying that his actions are in the interests of Russia, that’s all.

If Europe is so staunchly opposed to Russian aggression, why not impose similar sanctions on the US for the sake of balance? What a thoughtless suggestion! This is how “our” and actually pro-American media will scream. However, I would like to highlight such “little things” as the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Panama, aggression against Iraq, Libya and Syria. I’ve certainly missed a lot. 83% of all wars after 1945 were initiated by the US peacekeeping government. I would also like to highlight the role of the current US President in instigating the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

The US lends a hand everywhere. The Arab Spring, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the struggle for democracy in these countries is over for them and for us Europeans, as everyone can see

What about the 1989 assurances that NATO would not expand eastward? By the way, I wonder how safe residents feel near missile bases, knowing that in case of war this area will be subject to pre-emptive mass attacks?

The German government, unlike the Polish government, takes good care of economic interests. They announced that they would discontinue the certification process for the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline. Why wasn’t the treaty with Russia terminated? That’s because when all this is quiet, the certification process will resume. Mr. Putin is certainly afraid of this, knowing that Germany has no other solution to its energy problems caused by green policies.

So who might be interested in starting a war panic? The same group that spreads the fear of health. One of them is Joe Biden. The new war will distract the world from the Vice President’s crimes (e.g. the war in Yugoslavia or the Maidan). So not Putin, who has already achieved what he wanted, but the US is giving the Americans new and new data to start a war in distant Europe. They sent 3,000 cowboys into Poland, forbidden from interfering in hostilities.

Instead, the English with their guarantees. Somehow they didn’t keep those from 80 years ago, but they bravely consecrated Poles on the altar of world peace in Yalta. After the war, they billed Poland for the lost planes in which Polish pilots fought for England. Why should they act differently now? They have their power in the seas, but a land war is not their circus. They will morally support other nations to shed their own blood in the war they are persuading everyone to go to.

The Second World War was also inspired by politicians from London. In the article Die Welt of December 14, 2014 we read:

Those were the years in which, as an outsider without political office (Winston Churchill), he constantly warned against rearmament in Germany, but at the same time pushed his imagination to the limit to find reasons for quiet optimism about German developments. He said it for the last time in an article for the London Evening Standard on September 17, 1937, under the heading “Friendship with Germany”.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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