447. Safe like in a bank?
447. Safe like in a bank?

447. Safe like in a bank?

Vienna 05/12/2023

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Do you keep savings with the bank? Are you worried about inflation? How safe are bank accounts today? Finally, the US eliminated the account holder limit that guaranteed withdrawals up to a maximum of $250,000. Everyone is fully guaranteed the solvency of all funds deposited with US banks. State Guarantees. What happens if the state goes bankrupt?

I won’t scare anyone. We have too many reasons to worry. However, it is worth knowing what our “benefactors” are financially preparing for us? I have already mentioned the German financial analyst Ernst Wolf in my blog. Recently he presented an interesting analysis of the project on the implementation of digital money. The great advantage of his short lecture is a coherent, understandable and logical presentation of the topic. I invite you to watch the film to which I added English subtitles.

If the globalists manage to take control of the future CDBC financial system they are creating, we will be faced with a dictatorship as powerful as Earth has ever known. Protests and demonstrations will end. At least the extent of these social objections is reduced to a negligible minimum. Who will risk losing their livelihood to protest against the only “givers” of that livelihood in poverty?

There will certainly be those who praise the new life. Freedom from school, work, unpopular boss. Heaven on earth! They always have enough or not enough beer. Such a future is by no means unrealistic. Advances in artificial intelligence will lead to fully automated production, transportation and trading facilities. The result of such a development will be mass unemployment, and this is where the “philanthropists” will come in, who give a living wage to everyone who depends on them, what the discussion calls universal basic income payouts.

Money for nothing. Dire Straits song titles.

It will be an interesting and cruel experiment involving the whole world. For a long time we were slaves of big and small corporations. When digital money takes over the world, it will be possible to freely adjust the length of the chain that hangs around our necks. Isn’t the ban on leaving the 15-minute area of the city such a chain?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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