446. The tragic death of the betrayed
446. The tragic death of the betrayed

446. The tragic death of the betrayed

Vienna 05/11/2023

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It is not easy to write about human tragedy. Especially when it comes to millions of cases around the world. This may sound melodramatic, but I, too, was shocked by Kla.tv’s coverage of 763 documented incidents involving celebrities after taking the “life-saving” mRNA vaccine.

This video shows over 700 cases involving famous people. How many average, little-known people are there? I don’t know it. Considering that few people are publicly known, it is safe to say that about 100,000 times more (or about 8 million) inhabitants of our planet have suffered such a fate. I agree, this claim is purely theoretical. There are services responsible for collecting reliable statistical data. I want to use these resources. Unfortunately, I could not reach this statistic.

Some scenes from this film have already been featured on my blog, but the amount of human tragedy is shocking. Given that we only see celebrities, it’s hard to imagine how widespread this crime is. Apparently this is just a test to see if you can murder people without consequences. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes, it is possible. Therefore, we can expect the next campaign aimed at reducing the population of our globe. The genocide has only just begun.

763 prominent Covid vaccine deaths and hundreds of prominent vaccine victims – a huge vaccine crime comes to light with powerful evidence! Kla.TV has compiled 17 hours of footage documenting horrifying consequences and a worldwide death toll following the Corona vaccine. If so many died among celebrities alone, what will it be like for the anonymous and unknown who are not published in the media? Source.

I consider it my duty to warn future potential victims of such crimes. I don’t know if it’s going to be a vaccine or some other crap being promoted by the mainstream media and TV “pundits”. Don’t be fooled any longer. This “life-saving” vaccine cannot be easily removed from the body.

I don’t know what these bastards have prepared for us to finish us off. I’ve been “sick” with type 1 diabetes for over 36 years. I’ve been on insulin for so long, otherwise I wouldn’t have survived. I’m not going to complain, but I know customers like me are the goose that lays golden eggs for big pharma. As long as I need insulin for life, I will be a source of income for them. For this reason, the pharmaceutical industry blocks any research to find an effective way to treat diabetes. I don’t blame the pharmaceutical industry for this, because without their product – insulin – I would have been dead long ago. Just like my great-grandmother, who died of diabetes in 1939.

Rockefeller medicine is to blame for this condition. Big Farma is a mafia structure taking advantage of the situation. You care about income. Without the terrible damage to public health, there would be nothing wrong with that. And that’s the whole problem. The best example of this is the chemotherapy of cancer patients based on poison gas residues – leftovers from the First World War. The cholesterol lie and many other similar scams are clear evidence of the greed of the pharmaceutical mafia.

Myth of Cholesterol. The book.

Big Pharma makes money from this scam, but only works with criminals. Of course, the big corporations in this industry are also responsible for the genocide. We need to realize that there is a group of very wealthy people who aim to take full control of the world. This is the only reasonable explanation for what is happening now. Incidents like the war in Ukraine and the conflict over Taiwan are her idea. The plandemic was just a test of the effectiveness of the planned paths to world domination. That doesn’t sound too optimistic, but as you can see, they’ve largely succeeded. The struggle for world domination must lead to a confrontation between the members of the group that planned this struggle.

While, as you may have noticed, I am not a fan of so-called western civilization and its “values” in particular, I clearly see attempts for world domination by other forces. Although the BRICS countries are a counterweight to the NATO countries, they are by definition not the better side. Does it make a difference to you if we are slaves of the US or of China? Both options are unacceptable. We must remain free people, and we fight for that. The battlefield in this war is the consciousness of the people. And here we are becoming more successful every day.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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