448. “The Law of the Fist Rules”
448. “The Law of the Fist Rules”

448. “The Law of the Fist Rules”

Vienna 05/13/2023

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OKV (Ostdeutschen Kuratorium der Verbände) – The East German Board of Associations held a press conference in Berlin on March 27, 2023 (source) to give members and sympathizers a voice for peace. High-ranking personages from the German military, science, culture and society in general, in the following, show the broad social resistance against the war course of the German government. Source. I took the title of this article from the speech of one of the speakers at this conference.

When generals whose trade is war warn of it, all of the alarm bells should be ringing. But do we hear anything about it in the media? With this broadcast, kla.tv is once again doing the job that the mass media should be doing. On February 19, 2023, kla.tv reported on the open letters of two high-ranking generals that were handed over to the defense attaché of the Russian Embassy, Sergei Chukhrov, in Berlin on January 30, 2023. These letters have not only overcome ideological boundaries; in France, high-ranking military officials have expressed their “unconditional” support. In the U.S. too resistance is now growing among generals and veterans’ associations. For example, the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, General Mark A. Milley, Colonel Douglas Macgregor and ex-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter are in favor of ending the war. Behind the open letters of the German generals is an initiative of 28 organizations united in the East German Board of Trustees of Associations (OKV). These are campaigning for dialogue instead of arms deliveries to the Ukraine. They also denounce the suppression of freedom of speech and expression.

All modern wars start with a lie. Massively spread lies on television, radio, in the press and on the internet. The media perfidiously shape public opinion and create a false black and white picture that has little to do with reality. We are always the good guys, while “they” are the bad guys. There are no exceptions to propaganda. For more than a year, the entire Russian nation, its culture, language and everything that is happening in Russia has been portrayed in the media in an extremely negative way. Corrupt and intimidated media, while condemning the liberation of Aleppo, Syria, by Syria and Russia make no mention of the US use of white phosphorus, banned by international treaties, in Mosul, Iraq, in 2003, where 40,000 civilians were killed.

Why is this happening? Because the US still has the strongest army, 10 aircraft carriers (China and Russia one each), 760 foreign military bases (China and Russia combined just 20), and the dwindling but bravely defending dominance of the dollar, which it uses to buy major media outlets around the world or their editors-in-chief.

The fourth estate, as the media is called, is losing strength. To boost viewership, CNN hosted a televised debate in New Hampshire on Wednesday, to which they invited Donald Trump. As a result, CNN reached a record 3.2 million viewers for this debate. Trump didn’t let the CNN reporter scream out loud. He managed to address most of the important issues. Instead of going on the defensive as planned by CNN, he stated that he could meet with Putin immediately to end the war in Ukraine. Trump ridicules CNN, so they had to stop broadcasting.

New Hampshire Donald Trump. Source.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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