404. Terrorists arrested on Nord Stream 2
404. Terrorists arrested on Nord Stream 2

404. Terrorists arrested on Nord Stream 2

Vienna 03/18/2023

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Breaking News! See for yourself.

Source: Telegram 03/17/2023 19:23.

For the readers with an IQ below 50 – believe me they really exist – I’ll explain: yes, this is fake news, deliberately created to ridicule the official US position regarding the perpetrators of the Nord Stream 2 attack last September. If I’m not asking too much, check the source. Yes, these are the Russians you so eagerly write about in the comments. My goal is to raise everyone’s spirits during these difficult times for us.

After all, it is probably clear that a group of Ukrainian patriots carried out this attack. Equipped with blue and yellow fins – the makers of this film only got the blue ones – they went down 80 m to mount 1.5 tons of explosives and then, contrary to the laws of physics, disappeared from the scene without decompression. This is true patriotism!

And the culmination of this patriotism was leaving Ukrainian passports. Didn’t we have a similar case before? Ah yes, it was in the ashes of the WTC that the American services found the passport of one of the bombers. Pass as good as new although everything else was pulverized.

You do not believe that the USA, which was not interested in this act of terrorism, took advantage of military maneuvers in the Baltic Sea together with Norway? Russia initially had the only legitimate interest in destroying it, and when that didn’t work, it was Ukraine. The US is clean as a teardrop from the victims of American terror. Yes, you read that right – there is no greater terrorist in the world than the Pentagon and most of its generals.

Or was the US President’s promise to destroy Nord Stream 2 in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine perhaps an empty threat? After all, it is the United States that fights evil in this world. not true? Or perhaps the United States of North America is only fighting for its own interests and ignoring other nations’ right to life? And I’m definitely not talking about the average US citizen here. They have enough problems of their own to think of the victims of their government’s aggressive policies.

I see the leading role of the USA in the economic and scientific development of the world. The problem is not with the development itself, but with the intentions of those who use this development for their own criminal purposes.

American scientists have found that…

People will believe anything American scientists have discovered.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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