108. 20 years of Ground Zero
108. 20 years of Ground Zero

108. 20 years of Ground Zero

Vienna 9/11/2021

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Today, exactly 20 years have passed since the events in Manhattan, New York.

Apparently, most of us adults remember what we did that day. I also remember that day very well.

I was on my way to an interview with the Vienna branch of the American company Scientific Games International GmbH when I heard on the radio that a (first) airplane had hit a skyscraper in NY. But I don’t want to write about my memories today.

We all know that two planes are said to have pierced the two towers of the World Trade Center, WTC1 and WTC2. However, few know that the third, lower, 47-story WTC7 skyscraper collapsed that day. the management center of the WTC, several banks, the CIA offices and the headquarters and bunker of the governor of New York. The building did not collapse until 5:20 p.m. local time, seven hours after the two WTC towers collapsed. There were no injuries as everyone had been evacuated beforehand.

Interestingly, BBC reporter Jane Standley published the WTC7 collapse twenty minutes earlier than it actually happened.

The building was still standing while she was transmitting this information live. The smoke came from both WTC1 and WTC2 buildings, which had collapsed much earlier.

[02/20/2023] I just found a video showing explosions at WTC7 just before the building collapsed. Source.

During these 20 years many theories have arisen as to the true cause of these events. Many of them are mutually exclusive. They are all portrayed as conspiracy theories by the mainstream media. In my opinion, the most conspiratorial and even the most unrealistic theory is the official version presented by US President George Bush.

I recently received an interesting YouTube video that explains the disaster in a completely surprising but argumentative way. I encourage you to watch. It lasts over four hours, but I assure you that you will not be bored.

For the impatient, I will introduce some of the theses from this film.

  • The term “ground zero”, which was used to describe the area in which the previously destroyed skyscrapers stood, had a different meaning before this attack. This is how the place on earth was defined after the explosion of an atomic bomb. After September 11th this definition was changed in many dictionaries. The new definition no longer mentions the atomic bomb;
  • The WTC was built in the 1970s and one of the conditions for obtaining a building permit was the ability to remove the skyscrapers when they are no longer needed. At that time, the concept of an underground atomic explosion, equivalent to a maximum of 150 kilotons of TNT, was created for the controlled collapse of a skyscraper. And this concept was used in the construction of the WTC;
  • The laws of physics contradict the possibility of penetrating a massive steel structure (steel elements were thicker than in the tank) by an aluminum airplane moving at subsonic speed. All he could do was move in and destroy the rooms he had run into. Such an aircraft would crush itself on impact and fall to the ground. Aircraft in television coverage were digital manipulation. In these videos, the aluminum aircraft pierces the steel tower and leaves the aluminum front of the aircraft in the same shape as it was before the impact, after having penetrated eight rows of steel columns, each with a thickness of armor (6.3 cm steel):

In addition, the angle at which the aircraft allegedly entered the tower does not correspond to the exit point from the tower;

  • Traces in the Pentagon clearly indicate that a missile was deployed here, certainly not an airplane. Such a trajectory is impossible even for the best pilot, and here was supposedly an amateur. A half-megaton atomic charge was discovered at the site of the explosion, but it did not explode and was likely from a missile (previously stolen from the Soviet Kursk submarine – disaster in August 2000) that struck the Pentagon;
  • Three months later, a still molten metal was found while cleaning Ground Zero. If the WTC were blown up, as one theory claims with a termite explosive, it would stay at that temperature for 15 minutes at most, not 90 days;
  • More than 10,000 Ground Zero remediation workers have died. Mostly in diseases such as leukemia and cancer;
  • Manhattan residents near Ground Zero were not allowed to return home until 6 months after the crash;
  • Both towers had been insured by the owner two months earlier – in the summer of 2001 – in the event of a terrorist attack. After the trial, he received double compensation for having two towers, about $ 8 billion;
  • Journalists covering live events learned from colleagues on the phone that the arriving planes were being shown on television – they only heard the explosion themselves.

This brief description does not convey the technical possibility of a collapse with an underground atomic bomb. Watching the film makes it easier to understand why this concept explains all of the phenomena that occur during and after this tragedy. For example, how could thousands of tons of steel turn into dust? In both cases, why did all 110 floors collapse in less than 10 seconds? If, according to official reports, the collapse was caused by a fire in the upper floors, the collapse would have to take 13 times as long. Nothing was found that would belong to these offices. Neither furniture nor computer parts, nor the remains of nearly 3,000 people. Everything turned into microscopic powder that covered large areas of Manhattan with a thick layer.

This thick layer of dust covered the surrounding disaster areas. It was made up mostly of iron particles, and steel was the basic building block of the WTC towers. After the buildings collapsed due to the fire, a huge iron rubble was created. There is no fire that can turn steel to dust. Only a nuclear explosion can do that.

Effects of the events:

  1. Introduction of thorough controls on air passengers worldwide;
  2. Issuing passports only after fingerprinting – a database was established. Fingerprints that also have traces of us all;
  3. The unjustified beginning of the Twenty Years’ War in Afghanistan, the end of which we can now watch;
  4. Unlawful attack on Iraq;
  5. Unlawful attack on Libya;
  6. Unlawful attack on Syria;
  7. Murder of Osama Bin Laden. Whether he was a terrorist or not, there was no trial – there was an execution;
  8. Murder of Muammar al-Gaddafi. Whether he was a terrorist or not, there was no trial – there was an execution;
  9. Assassination of Iranian General Soleimani in January 2020. Terrorist or not, there was no trial – there was an execution;
  10. Guantánamo.

Who did everything? You can answer this question yourself.

It’s like Orwell’s “1984” Three World Powers – is that a coincidence? Was Winston Smith of the Truth Department involved in the publication of the new encyclopedias – the change in definition of “ground zero” described above?

IIs this version, which explains what happened then, true? I do not know. I believe it is much closer to the truth than the official version.

In this video I drew attention to the story of the publication of Dmitri Khalezov’s book and his contact with the FBI. What interest would the FBI have in giving him previously unknown information that would appear in his book? Such companies collect information for themselves and politicians. If they make it public, then only if they want to convey a new version of the “truth”. It is possible that the truth is much worse and that version is in favor of the politicians at the moment.

What does this story have to do with today’s plandemic? I see similarities in the propaganda, in the lies of the media, in the fight against people who ask about the real background of the events, in the attitudes of the media and politicians and in the horrific consequences of such politics.

[5/13/2022] I just got to another movie showing the attack on the second WTC tower – this time without a plane.

[5/22/2022] Also the video of the moment when the first turret was hit, also without a plane, is available.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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