386. When a politician keeps his word…
386. When a politician keeps his word…

386. When a politician keeps his word…

Vienna 02/23/2023

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If politicians keep their word, nothing good will come! At a press conference with US President Biden and German Chancellor Scholz over a year ago, on February 7, 2022, the following promises were made:

Minutes 11:20.

Joe Biden: If Russia invades, so if tanks or troops cross the Ukrainian border again, then there will be no more NordStrean2 – we will end it.

Journalist’s Question: What and how exactly are you going to do it? After all, the project is under German control.

Joe Biden: I promise you we’ll be able to do it.

Olaf Scholz: Thank you for your question and we would like to state very clearly that, thanks to intensive preparation, everything is ready to introduce the necessary sanctions in the event of military aggression against Ukraine.

It was the American-German response to the ultimatum issued by Putin in December 2021. They imposed sanctions about nine times and helped Russia open up new markets for gas and oil. Yes, strictly speaking, it’s the markets that haven’t changed at all, only the cost of energy has gone up because supplies from Russia have gone west via circuitous routes.

The Russian-Chinese rapprochement also took place thanks to the attitude of the West. The US has used all its might to weaken Russia, and now that empire, like the US dollar, is only sustained by the naïve belief that it has any power. Unless we launch a $300,000 rocket to shoot down a rubber balloon worth less than $100.

The US President introduces a new way of climbing stairs to the plane – this time in Warsaw. Source: Telegram 02/22/2023 6:01 pm.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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