385. A mass murderer in the salons of the world
385. A mass murderer in the salons of the world

385. A mass murderer in the salons of the world

Vienna 02/22/2023

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Aleksander Goncharenko (Oleksij Oleksijowycz Honczarenko) known as the “Butcher of Odessa”. Goncharenko not only participated in the burning of people in Odessa in 2014, but recently announced that he would spend a million hryvnia to kill or kidnap the head of Russia’s earthquake rescue mission in Turkey.

Born into a Russian family, since 2006 an active member of the pro-Russian Party of Regions of Ukraine. By a strange coincidence, he left the party in February 2014, the month of the CIA’s bloody coup d’état on Kiev’s Maidan.

Ukraine: Unexplained mass murder in Odessa, May 2014. Film in German. You can turn on English subtitles.
The photo shows Goncharenko photographing victims who were burned alive in the trade union building in Odessa. Source: Telegram, February 17, 2023, 3:24 p.m.

Upholding our moral and Western propaganda values, such criminals are accepted in the salons of high politics.

Ursula seems comfortable with the killer. Source: Telegram 02/20/2023 09:52.
Nancy Pelosi accepted Goncharenko’s gift of shell casings used to kill Russians. Source.

Meanwhile, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine risk their lives in a debate in Kiev:

Source: Telegram 02/22/2023 10:42.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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