387. I have covid!
387. I have covid!

387. I have covid!

Vienna 02/24/2023

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When I hear a statement like this from friends and family, I answer: I also had the flu. I admit – the title is provocative, but how else can you interest the readers? It’s a question of psychology.

A month ago a person appeared at a funeral with their face covered and told me they had Covid! I also know that she has taken on quite a number of experimental gene subscriptions. The feeling of solidarity and responsibility for others comes first with such people.

The New York Times writes for them: The Covid-19 Pandemic. So roll up your sleeves for your fifth dose of Elixir of Death.

There are also those who will rush to my article today with satisfaction, to finally feel joy. that justice has finally caught up with the heretic. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you – I will not get such a diagnosis, since I will never voluntarily undergo an intelligence test (PCR & Co.), which is only a tool of the plandemic. I’m also awaiting comments from those who just read the title to add their two cents without knowing what it’s really about. Yes, that’s right – the title of this article is also a trap for such amateurs.

Only people with perceptual disorders are not afraid. In a situation where this fear is being artificially fueled on a large scale, the best solution is to maintain a distance—not a social one—from the source of the fear. Regardless of what you fear, you have an impact on how you live. Someone once said: Life is a disease that always ends in death. The quality of this life depends on us. Please don’t tell me “fear is stronger than me” because that’s just an excuse not to do anything about it. Convenience, a comfort zone, a false sense of security. All this is the source of the causes whose effects we so gladly lament.

One of these lions is guaranteed food, shelter and medical care. The second has no guarantee of quality of life or safety. What kind of life would you rather have?

Does a dirty rag over the mouth prevent someone from breathing? Of course you have an influence on your own health. You can make them better or worse. Did you know that 33% of people die from drugs alone?

I do not encourage anyone to forego seeing a doctor when they are ill. However, I encourage you to take an interest in alternative therapies. The introduction of toxins (called medicines) into the body, which effectively eliminate the symptoms without reducing the causes of the disease, causes further ailments. In this way, the pharmaceutical business is growing more and more.

Each of us can try natural healing methods. Just enter the name of the disease in the search engine and spend some time on it. Of course, not all advice is good. And here’s a tip for you: remember how common sense works…

The herd follow…

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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