405. Vaccinated people live shorter lives
405. Vaccinated people live shorter lives

405. Vaccinated people live shorter lives

Vienna 03/19/2023

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Based on official statistics from England, German real estate investor and analyst Aleksander Raue examined the impact of mRNA vaccination on mortality in England.

Anyone can verify these simple calculations. Official statistics for England can be downloaded here as an Excel file. I also checked the correctness of the methods used and the accuracy when using official data and did not find any irregularities.

Everything indicates that this relatively simple and accessible analysis presented in the film correctly determines the causes of the horrific number of excess deaths in many countries around the world. The results of this analysis show a clear correlation between the time of “wearing” these experimental substances and/or the number of doses taken and mortality.

The relationship is most dramatic in people with three or more doses, also known as a booster. I would simply call these pseudo-medical treatments Russian roulette.

Mortality statistics in England 2022 for the multiple vaccinated.

Here we see the mortality statistics in England in year 2022 split by months. In the last column we see the percentage excess mortality of people with a booster dose, i.e. at least three doses of this preparation.

Already in 2021, information about such tendencies began to appear. However, no one today has the right to deny that such a connection exists and that no therapy has ever been forcibly introduced without honest scientific research, which can only be compared to genocide. Otherwise he becomes a genocide denier.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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