406. Pharmaceutical lobby
406. Pharmaceutical lobby

406. Pharmaceutical lobby

Wroclaw/Poland 03/21/2023

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On Sunday an interesting article appeared in the Austrian newspaper Der Status: Pharma-Lobby, EMA & EU: Hold corrupt vaccination masterminds accountable! Source. I would like to point out that despite some inaccuracies – it was not Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s father who was murdered in the fall of 1963, but his uncle John F. Kennedy – the article is worth reading.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is an agency of the European Union responsible for the evaluation and supervision of medicines (and vaccines). It was founded by the European Parliament and is based in Amsterdam. It is chaired by Irish pharmaceutical lobbyist Emer Cooke. The EMA is the central regulatory authority in the EU and is 86% financed by the pharmaceutical industry. It seems as if the stench of corruption on this planet is massively coming from the EU…

Thanks to the plandemic, many people are gradually realizing that the pharmaceutical industry was not created to sell drugs. They sell substances that turn the symptoms of diseases into side effects. That’s an oversimplification, but if anyone wants to say no, I’m asking for an example of at least one over-the-counter drug, prescription or non-prescription, that cures the disease and does not create new diseases through side effects. When asked about such a miracle, the pharmacists could not come up with anything of the sort, despite the rich offer of their chemical store, popularly called the pharmacy. Of course, we are talking about medicines, which are called “medicaments”.

Surely some pharmacists will be outraged by this approach. After all, it won’t surprise me if someone has dedicated their life to helping others and suddenly finds that their helping is the third leading cause of death worldwide – from taking medications prescribed by a doctor – it must come as a shock. The vast majority of workers in this industry have good intentions. I will say more: Not all managers of large BigPharma corporations are unscrupulous people who seek profit and knowingly harm customers.

It is important to take this into account and not to treat every pharmacist as a member of the mafia. Of course, the cartels in this industry work on mafia principles. In the article A Brief History of Medicine, I described how modern medicine came about and what it is based on. In short, medicine is based on the naïve belief that people in white coats are only there to heal us.

Every year 150 people die after being hit by falling coconuts. But don’t worry – pharmaceutical companies are already developing a new vaccine. Jim Carey

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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