513. Elections Are Bad for Democracy
513. Elections Are Bad for Democracy

513. Elections Are Bad for Democracy

Wroclaw/Poland 08/26/2023

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Elections are bad for democracy read the opening title of an article published in the New York Times on Monday. The author of the article is Professor Adam Grant. At least that’s how Klaus Schwab describes Mr. Schwab on the website of the WEF (World Economic Forum in Davos).

Article title changed to: “The Worst People Run for Office. It’s Time for a Better Way.” It’s hard to deny this opinion of the current governments in the lands of the West.

A question can be asked here: who prepared and brought to power this mediocrity for 30 years? Where did Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and others come from? There is only one answer: these are puppets created in Davos within the framework of the Young Global Leaders and obey the globalists.

A symbol of our time – the mechanism for controlling politicians.

The most dangerous traits in a leader are what psychologists call the dark triad of personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. What these traits share is a willingness to exploit others for personal gain. People with dark triad traits tend to be more politically ambitious — they’re attracted to authority for its own sake. But we often fall under their spell.

In his article, Professor Grant promotes the idea of selecting future leaders at random. Do they master the techniques for manipulating the random number machines?

A lottery would give a fair shot to people who aren’t tall enough or male enough to win. It would also open the door to people who aren’t connected or wealthy enough to run. Our broken campaign finance system lets the rich and powerful buy their way into races while preventing people without money or influence from getting on the ballot.

Already today, in most countries, the assignment of a judge to a case is determined by drawing lots. This is of course a better idea than influencing the nomination of persons to lead criminal proceedings by political parties.

Or is it perhaps a method used by the Davos professor to eliminate the most popular candidate for the presidency of the USA?

Current projections for the Republican primary in the USA as of August 25, 2023. Source.

Our time has created such philosophical gems as:

  • lockdown, quarantine, vaccination and mask for freedom;
  • asymptomatic disease pandemic;
  • weapons deliveries to the Nazis for peace;
  • censorship in Defense of Democracy:
  • environmental destruction through non-ecological production of wind turbines and electric cars to save the natural environment:
  • Elections are the greatest enemy of democracy.
Different faces of truth.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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