408. Plandemic in Italian
408. Plandemic in Italian

408. Plandemic in Italian

Wroclaw/Poland 03/23/2023

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For today’s article, I was inspired not for the first time by Miriam Hope, a Youtuber from Munich. Your well-documented videos are a valuable source of information on the topics covered in my blog.

Also in Italy, the truth came to light. You can turn on English subtitles.

For those who prefer written words, I will fully present the content of the cited article. Source in German.

What did the Italian Medicines Agency know?

Yesterday, on March 21, 2023, the TV station “Mediaset”, which belongs to the Berlusconi Group, published numerous internal documents on the “vaccination” cause in its program “Fuori dal Coro” (in English “Beyond the box”) can only be described as highly explosive. Specifically, it is about emails and chat messages in which the Italian drug authority AIFA is involved.

Among other things, they show that the authority prohibited administrative units in the individual Italian provinces from publishing side effects of the Covid injection. The relevant reports exploded in such a short time frame after the start of the mass “vaccination” that their publication would have led to a strong “vaccination” hesitation in the population. Apparently, the appearance of a “vaccination” that was free of side effects or at least had few side effects was deliberately maintained, although those responsible had to be fully aware that the “vaccination” was by no means low in side effects.

Furthermore, internal communication shows that it was well known that the sprayed mRNA gene therapy drugs had not been tested in any way on elderly, sick and infirm people and therefore not a single study could be available on this subject, and none that showed an overriding benefit could have determined for the vaccinates. Nevertheless, this assertion was made publicly and precisely this target group, which was already fragile in terms of health, was initially particularly targeted by the “vaccination”. What’s more, the drug agency, apparently against its better judgment, launched a large-scale media campaign claiming that these are very effective, protective and harmless substances.

Simultaneously with the rolling “vaccination” campaign, which initially extended to the population group mentioned above and took place mainly in old people’s and nursing homes, the responsible nursing homes and doctors were instructed to treat all vaccination victims who died immediately after the “vaccination” as Declare “those who died of Corona”, since a vaccination can only take effect after some time has elapsed. (However, side effects can set in without a time delay. Author’s note). This practice was even extended to the point that even people who died after the “vaccination” and did not show a positive PCR test were declared corona dead.

In this way, the impression of a huge corona wave was created, which is said to be killing older and sick people in particular. In fact, however, these people died immediately after the vaccination and probably also from the vaccination.

In turn, the apparent wave of infection, combined with the lack of reports of side effects, led to a greater willingness to vaccinate among the population.

In this context, one must not forget that the so-called Covid “vaccination” in Italy was by no means subject to the free decision of the individual, but was imposed on many people, e.g. the over 50 year olds, by compulsory vaccination.

Now the cat is out of the bag in Italy, so to speak. The show in question is very popular in Italy, has high ratings and has been watched by millions of people. It remains to be seen how those responsible will react. 

The Italian lawyer Renate Holzeisen, who informed 2020News about the current development, is currently examining the filing of numerous criminal charges. 

Since it will be practically impossible to deny what happened in view of the overwhelming evidence, we will follow the further actions of the public prosecutor’s offices very closely.

The leaked documents could also provide new evidence with regard to the ongoing investigations in the province of Bergamo, where numerous treatment errors had been proven, which ultimately led to a high rate of deaths. Although these investigations are being conducted, they do not seem to have been carried out by any particular zeal for information.

How or by whom the documents were leaked is unknown. The publishing station “Mediaset” is a format that we in Germany would rather count as part of the mainstream. However, the broadcaster switched from propaganda to clarification some time ago, which was initially rather hesitant and has now resulted in the present leak.

In May 2020 I wrote an article: Where from so much sacrifice in Italy? Even then there were voices against lies and manipulation by the Italian authorities.

Brave enough to inject unknown substances into her body, but afraid of air.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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