409. Green Panic
409. Green Panic

409. Green Panic

Wroclaw/Poland 03/24/2023

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Nothing works better for people to be obedient to change than fear. We already had the fear of an invisible virus, the fear of a real, albeit artificially created and prolonged, war. For some time now we have been witnessing the spread of a new kind of panic: global warming. As usual, we are in danger of extinction – this time we are to roast on earth under the influence of the sun. Weather forecasts on television have been provided with a menacing red background for many years. Although temperatures haven’t changed since the map background was green. Sometimes they increase, sometimes they decrease – as they usually do.

You have to hit the iron while it’s hot. Fear does not arise by itself – panic must be supported. That’s why UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres rang the great bell of ecological fear a few days ago – of course in the interest of all people on earth: The climate time bomb is ticking – that’s how he put it. He presented to the world a guide written by the IPPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate) on how we can defuse this bomb.

The Secretary General presented two “solid” arguments in support of the thesis of an enormous threat to our planet. The first argument: the rate of temperature rise in the last half century is the highest in 2000 years, the second: concentrations of carbon dioxide are at their highest in at least 2 million years.

400,000 years of Earth’s climate history frozen in Antarctica.
History of
changes in temperature and carbon dioxide concentration. Time scale: time from today – left side, up to 400,000 years ago – right side. The drilling depth in meters is shown at the top.

Nowhere else is the earth’s climate documented in such detail and for so long: The Antarctic Vostok ice core reveals a 400,000-year climate history with sometimes huge temperature jumps read out. The parallelism with which temperature (red) and CO2 concentration (blue) have developed over the entire period is striking. Source.

What could be simpler for billionaires than to commission a scientific study with pre-determined results? This does not mean that all scientific investigations are invented. As everywhere, there are also different people among scientists. I don’t think many people would hesitate if they were offered a few million dollars – without having to report it to the IRS, of course – to write such a work. There are likely those who would present evidence of the non-existence of the deep state, the global elite.

The United Nations attempted the latter, and the argument, of course, was that the UN said so.

The UN has declared war on dangerous conspiracy theories. The UN says the world is not being manipulated by a global elite.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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