410. Death from the pharmacy
410. Death from the pharmacy

410. Death from the pharmacy

Wroclaw/Poland 03/25/2023

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Peter Gotzsche is a Danish doctor who publishes, among other things, in the famous Cochran Library. This doctor is very clear: Our prescription drugs kill up to 200,000 people a year. They are the leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer!

More and more drugs, not to cure something, but to keep the disease going. Example? Medicines for high blood pressure. What are they treating? They can cure something but certainly not high blood pressure as you will have to take them for the rest of your life. Parody? And try to stop, it’ll send your blood pressure skyrocketing and you’ll go back to the pills.

Another example – statins. It’s just a “drug” to lower cholesterol. Or tablets to switch off digestion around the clock. And the doctor will tell you that these are protective drugs. And what do you have to protect?

Peter Gotzsche gives an answer to the question: Is the pharmaceutical industry a mafia? The workings of big pharmaceutical companies fit the definition of a mafia. Large-scale corruption. Many health ministers are at the forefront of this industry. That would explain why some of them can afford to buy a villa for over 3 million euros in 2020.

Why are most media ads for drugs? The answer is simple: the biggest media corporations are in the hands of corporations connected to BigPharma. You will not find any information harmful to the interests of this industry. On the contrary, many articles prove the harmfulness of non-patented substances. The pharmacy earns very little from it.

Why do the vast majority of doctors themselves persuade their clients (called patients) to use harmful substances that will never cure their disease? This is in line with the profit maximization business plan. I don’t mean the doctors themselves, most of them receive bribes in disguised form. For example, a free two-week training camp at a luxury resort, where they can complete the compulsory medical training. Along the way, they learn how to help their patients by assigning them more poisons.

Most of these doctors do not realize that they are harming their patients. The most common excuse is – after all, all doctors do it.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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