411. Are we powerless?
411. Are we powerless?

411. Are we powerless?

Wroclaw/Poland 03/26/2023

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You won’t let us! How many times have I heard this view? It is repeated in many discussions and is a sign of helplessness. Many of us have this feeling. This way of looking at our life is very common, so today in this article I will analyze this way of thinking.

Raik Garve – a German researcher describes himself as follows: Today I see myself primarily as a “bridge builder” between naturopathy, conventional medicine and the various areas of border sciences. I would like to combine the countless advantages of the various subjects into a multidimensional overall concept that everyone can understand. Source.

I present to you an interesting interview with this man devoted to the mechanics of power.

Movie in German. You can turn on English subtitles.

The phenomenon of powerlessness is addressed here as one of the many aspects of human rule. The following points are taken from this interview but will not be quoted as I describe them in my own words.

Causes of fainting:

  1. Lack of knowledge is why people feel powerless over those who have knowledge. It is also the main mechanism that facilitates the generation of fear. Anyone can acquire knowledge, you first have to want it and learn how to acquire this knowledge;
  2. No sense of achievement. When someone constantly has negative experiences, ranging from traumatic childhood experiences to destructive criticism to believing one is a failure, it all leads to a distorted perception of reality. How can you believe in yourself in such a situation?
  3. Lack of clear life goals and plans to achieve those goals. If you don’t have a plan, you follow the plans of others. This is best illustrated by a carrot on a stick, in front of an animal whose name I won’t name so as not to offend anyone;
  4. Working without motivation and commitment. If you’re just working for the money, you’re dissatisfied with your job – you’ve made a choice, or worse, forced yourself into a life that leads to depression and a lack of self-confidence;
  5. Immature naivety and superstition. This is used by insurance companies or scammers – grandchild trick scam. Nobody should be naïve today because it is immediately exploited;
  6. Bad habits. The classic role of the passive consumer. Attitude of indifference – somehow it will be. Yes, it will somehow, but following the thoughts of others who know how it’s done, but not the way you want it;
  7. Lack of self-awareness and lack of self-control. They allow manipulation. For example, you take out a vacation loan when you don’t know if you’ll have enough for bread later;
  8. Bad character traits. If someone lies, cheats, is dishonest, thinks only of himself, sooner or later he will get a backlash of life, which will not strengthen the sense of control over his own life;
  9. Lack of understanding of the meaning of life. If I don’t understand what is going on around me, right now in a crisis on many levels of life, how am I supposed to feel in control of my own destiny? The role of victim, driven by the current of life, only seems real, and it is not at all. It’s just a role;
  10. Health problems. How am I supposed to feel as someone influencing my own destiny when I’m sick? Sick does not mean defenseless against health care. At least until the disease has progressed so far that you can no longer decide what to do with you. There is always the possibility of gaining sufficient knowledge of one’s ailments to make sound decisions that do not necessarily follow the recommendations of physicians trained under the study program prescribed by drug companies for 100 years.

All of these 10 points, without exception, are the result of our own decisions and stem from the first point, ignorance. Any one of us, without exception, could change that. I agree it’s not easy. Life is a workshop where problems are solved. If you don’t, you’re a helpless victim. A victim of your own thoughts.

However, I must emphasize here that no one has freed us from thinking. If you use a miracle diet that is dangerous to your health, don’t be surprised if your health deteriorates even if you temporarily lose weight. New methods of improving health must be thoroughly researched and opinions not necessarily checked on the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website. This effort will certainly pay off for you.

Other people care so much about your problems that most of the time all they can do is lift a finger for them.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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