14. Where from so much sacrifice in Italy?
14. Where from so much sacrifice in Italy?

14. Where from so much sacrifice in Italy?

Vienna 5/18/2020

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An Italian art historian, MP Vittorio Sgarbi, gave a speech to the Italian Parliament on Friday, April 24th.
April 25th is the end day for Italians of World War II.
Appearance naturally in Italian. The content of the speech was translated into German in the film.
This translation, in turn, I translated into English. For those who do not know these languages:

“tomorrow is April 25 and we should unite against dictatorship and for the truth. Parliament cannot be an auditorium for lies.
On March 9, science announced that the virus is nothing more than flu. Science inspired the government. So don’t lie and tell the truth! Don’t make this Parliament an auditorium of lies! At least here, the principle of verum ipsum factum applies
(Giambattista Vico 1668-1744: we can only understand what we can do).
Scare? Well, I can scare you too. You are talking about 25,000 dead! That’s not true! Do not use these dead for your rhetoric, for your “terrorism”!
Data from the Ministry of Health say that 96% of these people are killed by other diseases. This data shows it!
– he pointed at the board. This is the truth, this is the whole truth!
I have read all the information from the Ministry of Health. They died of other diseases. This was said by the Ministry of Health. If you do not know this, then study it and while all of Italy was recognized as a restricted zone, everyone here in Parliament is sitting without masks.
You are funny. You all didn’t wear masks the day before yesterday. So it is. After 4th May, life will start functioning in Germany again. We are a country with fewer rights in Europe. Germany reacted correctly.
I read: 56% in Lombardy, 14% in Emilia-Romagna, 8% in Piedmont and 5% in Veneto. The same rules must not be used for so contaminated areas. At least real information is given here.
If we face Germany, let’s act together and get rid of hypocrisy and lies, falsifications and incorrect numbers published to terrorize Italians.
Of these, 25,000 died of heart attacks, cancer and other diseases! Let’s not use them to keep lying to citizens. These numbers must be announced before they can be checked.

25,000 people did not die in Italy because of the Crown. It is a lie to terrorize Italians, it is a dictatorship of consensus. It’s ridiculous.”

This is currently the case in many other countries around the world. It would be easier to list countries where this is not the case: Sweden, South Korea and Belarus, as previously described.

Let’s go back to Italy. The cause of the health system collapse was panic. Without the horror scenes spread by the media, most of these people would simply stay at home.
According to Wikipedia in German 4,500 to 7,000 people die from hospital infections in Italy every year.

Imagine a situation in Bergamo where thousands of people suddenly want to see the hospital as the only rescue from a crown-like monster at all costs. Everyone saw on TV what a dangerous enemy it is!
Do doctors really need to decide who to get and who to send home? Everything has been done to increase the number of beds. But 5% of patients with the newly defined disease, COVID-19, need a respirator.
There are no tips for treating such patients. Doctors also watch TV. They are convinced that it is in their hands that they have the last hope before the destruction of humanity. You are trying. So they try to use drugs that help in similar cases, Ebola, malaria, etc. I don’t blame the doctors, they were left alone on the battlefield. Something has to be done.
Most patients are obviously older people. How many of these people will survive with their drug trials? Even if used with great caution, older people die faster than younger patients after violating a certain balance in the body.
If these people didn’t panic and stayed at home, they would probably live now.

How much has the WHO contributed to this? Just read their news on the subject. You will not find any useful information there. It was the WHO that announced a pandemic based on the definition it changed a few years ago.
If there was a person with a runny nose in every country, there would be a reason to explain a runny nose pandemic! But what can you earn from a cold? And who would be afraid of it?
Fear is the key here.

I am not for a black and white picture of the world. In my opinion, keeping this metaphor, the world is made up of a multitude of shades and is therefore so colorful. This also applies to the WHO organization in Geneva under the auspices of the United Nations. Your “creative” role in triggering world panic is clear.
There is also the other side of the coin. Sure, smokers will not agree with me and that is understandable, but I think the WHO deserves praise for introducing a ban on smoking in public places in most countries in the world.
The abolition of smallpox is also due to this organization. I am not for vaccines, but that does not mean that I completely negate this type of disease control. I am a strong opponent of vaccinating newborns. The uterine cancer vaccine, which is also used in boys, is a clear abuse to achieve financial benefits.

Northern Italy has the largest air pollution in all of Europe. An increase in deaths due to respiratory diseases was already observed in the previous year.

Let us summarize this chapter: the cause of more deaths in Italy and probably in Spain or England artificially caused panic. Don’t you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts my views?
Please write.I don’t argue, I discuss.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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