13. Censorship
13. Censorship

13. Censorship

Vienna 5/14/2020

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Today’s topic is about the media.
5/8/2020 UK scientists condemn ‘Stalinist’ attempt to censor Covid-19 advice.
29.04.2020 Facebook doubles down on COVID-19 censorship

And what are the conclusions?
All experts who do not support the government’s views must keep their opinion to themselves.

A good video on YouTube on this topic: COVID-19, CENSORSHIP, & TRACE As long as it’s still there.

Many videos have recently been blocked on YouTube.

YouTube applies similar methods to other critically-oriented comments. For example in the case of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). Many German MMS films have been removed because they threaten the interests of the pharmacological lobby.

The topic of MMS is broad and I intend to dedicate it to my website in the future.

Today, I am writing about censorship in the topic COVID-19.
As usual, I would like to mention the methods by which free thinking is gagged.

  • The examples in this chapter are not isolated. Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal.
  • Videos on YouTube are removed for no reason. Or they give a vague excuse: the video violates the community rules. Without naming these rules.
  • Comments are removed or comments on some videos are completely prevented.
  • Smear campaign. Specialists who dare to say the opposite of what the official media report are called “conspiracy theorists.” Its appearance is under attack. Unfortunately, in the case of such criticism, nobody argues with the arguments of the criticized person.
  • So far, respected scientists have become “unperson” in the Orwellian sense.
  • Experts appointed by the government come to the fore. They often express a lack of knowledge about the topic they are talking about.

Just wait for the Ministries of Truth to appear in what they call democratic countries.
Or maybe already, but not yet officially?

It takes about 10 seconds after I publish this chapter on Facebook and an automatic program has started to scan my website.
There was a similar reaction after every comment on YouTube, where I posted the link.

So I avoid using the name of the owner of Microsoft, or the wife of the former President of the United States, who preferred Ms. Monika.

“The Big Brother is watching you” …

From book Georg Orwell “1984.”

Author: Marek Wojcik

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