69. Is Virology a Science?
69. Is Virology a Science?

69. Is Virology a Science?

Vienna 4/9/2021

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Is there an answer to this question? Yes, and this is:

No, virology is not a science.

I can already hear the scream of indignant representatives of this profession. I’m sorry girls and boys – you are not scientists. They do not meet, or rather, virology does not meet the basic requirements to be accepted into the – lately less and less respected – group of science.

But since I am speaking to you, dear virologists, how can you earn a million euros without much effort? This is not a joke – the April Fool’s joke is long behind us. I wrote in the chapter Where is this virus? with an amount of 225 thousand euros for the first person to present a scientifically documented isolation of the coronavirus. Well, due to the fact that no one volunteered, this award has been increased to one million euros.. The website is in German, but if there is a million euro deposited for a clever virologist, such a trifle should not be a problem.

(Vienna 4/27/2021 The price is currently 1.5 million euros).

Well, that doesn’t justify my answer to the title question. However, I think that this material argument will convince any skeptic. It is true that you have yet to learn the arguments for unscientific behavior in virology.

I came across three red cards for the Corona on a German site. On this website, people are mobilized to send letters to the plumbing offices documenting the lack of scientific evidence for the effect of corona measures. Such an initiative could prove to be an effective weapon against the lawlessness of corrupt authorities and the greatest punishment for the lowest officials for participating in the annihilation of the nation.

I have translated a document from this website into Polish, which presents seven facts proving an unscientific approach in virology.

Author Marek Wójcik

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