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Vienna 4/8/2021

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Today I want to show you how, without knowledge of foreign languages, you can find interesting information that does not necessarily match the official Covid line imposed on us.

Using Globalresearch.org as an example, I’ll show you how to read articles in Spanish. There are many more such websites.

This platform publishes all articles in 95 different languages.

How do I choose a Spanish language?

The first time you open this page, it will be displayed in English. Above you can see something like this:

Clicking the yellow item I highlighted will bring up a list of these 51 different languages for you to choose from. You have to do a bit of searching, but I can assure you that Spanish is here too. After selecting the language, all of the following articles will be displayed in Spanish:

If you have allowed the use of cookies, your computer remembers your selection and you do not have to repeat it again.

What can you expect on this website? Above all, it is a platform dedicated to discovering the darker side of globalism. It’s hard to believe today, but globalism also has positive aspects. I have always praised the possibility of crossing European borders without control. That is also globalism.

For beginners, it may come as a shock to learn about the CIA’s involvement in the hypocritical propaganda that sparked the war in Iraq, illegal under international law on August 2, 1990. Over a million people died then.

Our supposedly truthful media never wrote the truth about it. But why? The answer is simple: the media lose their economic existence if they write something like this. Government grants are a great way to convince editors what is right and what is not.

You don’t have to agree to everything, because that’s not what this is about. You need more different views of our world in order to decide according to your beliefs what game is being played in the world. Anyone who only has access to one-sided information is inevitably condemned to this “no alternative, correct” ideology.

Author Marek Wojcik

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