33. Demonstration in Berlin
33. Demonstration in Berlin

33. Demonstration in Berlin

Berlin 8/29/2020 and Vienna 8/31/2020

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I came to Berlin alone on Friday evening. My son decided to protest in Vienna.

My most important feeling is the atmosphere among a large crowd of people. Whoever you speak to, everyone is ready to exchange a few sentences with you. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what language you speak, what political views you have, what color you are or what religion you are. We all had one thing in common: the freedom of each of us was threatened.

I’ve talked to a lot of people. They were always nice, interested in where I come from and what I do.

How many people were there? I can’t answer this question exactly, if only because I couldn’t even see everyone from a distance. I can only guess. In my opinion, between two and four million people came to the demonstration that day. It’s possible that I unconsciously doubled the number of participants if I wanted as many of us as possible.
Here you can form an opinion about the number of participants in the demonstration.

I took a lot of photos and some short videos. You can find everything here.

Some of you don’t even know that Robert F. Kennedy Junior spoke at the demonstration.
Yes, he’s the same one who has been fighting the pharmacological mafia for years. His speech.

I was not just an observer at this demonstration. I applied to the Björn Group to passively but effectively protect the weakest from possible aggression by the police or militants if necessary.
Björn is a math and physics teacher. He made many videos on YouTube in which he himself presented the more difficult elements of these two teachings in an accessible way.
You can find out what we did there in German directly from Björn.

I recommend using the possibility of including English subtitles on foreign-language YouTube videos.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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