34. Who Believes in a Pandemic?
34. Who Believes in a Pandemic?

34. Who Believes in a Pandemic?

Vienna 9/10/2020

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That’s right, the question is who believes in it?
Some believe in it and some don’t.

This is no longer an issue that the scientific community deals with. Nobody asks scientists. Why then?
It is sufficient to show “the increasing cases of Covid-19 patients” on television.
They are not real coronavirus cases. It’s not even the number of people infected. These are only positive results from an unvalidated PCR test. The only thing that really increased exponentially is the number of tests.
The number of people infected has not increased since April. However, this must be represented correctly.
The number of positive test results per 100,000 tests alone is an honest statement. Otherwise we can only speak of a new religion.
In this file you will find reliable statistics for many countries in the world.

What’s wrong with the world’s most famous philanthropist?

I checked what amounts the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated to the World Health Organization in March 2020.

I found three money orders. Here you are:

1.Purpose: to support global COVID-19 detection and response by leveraging GISRS platform for sentinel surveillance in low and middle income countries in WHO AFRO, SEARO, and EMRO regions Pneumonia $ 1.478.040,00

2. Purpose: to provide technical and management staff and required support for the Pakistan/Afghanistan Polio Hub Polio $ 2.723.364,00

3. Purpose: to allow WHO to build surge capacity to detect and respond to COVID-19. Research and Learning Opportunities $ 7.000.000,00

So if you skip the polio donation, he donated more than $ 8 million in March, für das Coronavirus. Not to fight the coronavirus, but for it. That should be clear by now. If he promotes vaccination like that.
“… because until we vaccinate almost everyone in the world, we will still not live normally again…” say Bill Gates in a television interview in April.
So this gentleman – a bad programmer – decides what people all over the world will be vaccinated with. It seems the only argument is his money.

Bill Gates is certainly not acting alone. To make such big changes on such a scale will require investments well beyond the resources of the world’s second richest person.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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