632. What changed the interview with Putin?
632. What changed the interview with Putin?

632. What changed the interview with Putin?

Ostrzeszów/Poland 02/11/2024

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Tucker Carlson’s interview has been viewed by over 180 million people on X (Twitter). This is only part of the audience. The tuckercarlson.com website does not display view statistics. Added to this is the large number of publications of this two-hour interview on thousands of independent media websites, some of which have been translated into many languages around the world.

The current war in Ukraine dominated this conversation. So far, the media in the West has portrayed it like this: Putin gathered his army on the border with Ukraine in 2022 and marched in to take it. In this argument, only the first part of the sentence is confirmed by facts – the mobilization of the Russian army. Thanks to the publication of Tucker Carlson’s interview, people who previously only consulted mainstream sources are learning for the first time more facts behind the scenes of this war. If you don’t know what Putin was up to, please read the article How do you become prime minister? There you will find a conversation translated into German between the US Secretary of State and the US Ambassador in Kiev about the preparations for the takeover of power in Ukraine in 2014.

Boris Johnson, former British Prime Minister, disrupted peace talks in Turkey in April 2022. The talks were uncomfortable for Anglo-Saxon politicians. His only argument: Don’t believe Putin’s lies. He wants to win the war! Somehow he didn’t realize that Russia had won this war a long time ago.

Boris Johnson demands not to believe Putin:
“People around the world are watching Carlson’s absurd interview with Putin. We must not fall for these lies aimed at success in Ukraine. He will lose.”
Source: Telegam 02/10/2024 10:23.

Adolf Hitler also believed until the end that the miracle weapon would save Germany from the catastrophe that he himself had caused. Comparisons with the fantasies of current war propaganda and those of the Second World War are obvious. Kiev is not losing the war, it is just leveling the front line, just like the Wehrmacht under pressure from the Soviet Army.

Curiously, at the same time as the Putin interview was published, the American media began attacking President Biden. He is rightly accused of lying in connection with the illegal storage of secret state documents. The prosecutor announced that he would not bring a case against Biden because he was sclerotic. Apparently they want to overshadow the impact of the interview with Putin. The Democratic Party must nominate a candidate for the fall presidential election. This worst of all US presidents to date is also the best candidate they can field.

Biden said this is what “well-secured” top-secret government documents found in his Delaware garage look like on December 21, 2022. These documents appeared there when Biden was Vice President of the United States and he had no right to remove them from the White House.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
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