631. Interview of the century
631. Interview of the century

631. Interview of the century

Ostrzeszów/Poland 02/09/2024

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I don’t think the title of this article is an exaggeration. Tucker Carlson was the first Western journalist to interview the president of Russia in two years. Conducting the interview itself is one thing, but Tucker Carlson’s reach is so great that the mainstream media can only attack the person of this courageous journalist and distort the content of the interview – a classic of today’s pseudo-journalism from Davos. This two-hour interview will allow you to look at the issue of the war in Ukraine from a different perspective, especially for those who finance it – Western taxpayers.

I would recommend Russophobes to be more creative. Terms like “Kremlin troll” and “Russian spies” have long been devalued and make people laugh instead of insulting. The very fact that this interview is being published is an attempt to show how these issues are viewed from the other side of the conflict. Whether the recipient agrees to this content or not is the sole responsibility of the recipient. The censorship of such interviews is a symptom of fascist tendencies of those who preach the fight against fascism.

Orwell’s guilt of contacting the wrong person has now become a common accusation against political opponents. This is also a symptom of censorship. When I talk to you, it doesn’t mean I support all your views 100%. This is not possible. Two people will always differ in the way they see the world. A discussion with people who parrot TV slogans doesn’t help anyone. Personal development should be our goal. We broaden our horizons by discussing with people with different views and trying to understand their way of thinking. This has nothing to do with slavishly adopting other people’s views.

Therefore, watch this interview so as not to limit yourself with your knowledge of the world.

Many of you will certainly be shocked at the way the Russian president is interpreting history. In many ways it is different from ours. But who can convince an objective recipient that the story we learned in school is the true one? Putin interprets history like a politician from his own perspective.

The most important information, in my opinion, is the intentions of Russia and its president towards countries independent of Russia. Contrary to the hysteria widespread in the West, Russia has no intention of attacking NATO countries. Viewers will be surprised that Putin doesn’t go crazy like a certain painter with a mustache. It will certainly take some time to reach the rest of the audience that believes the media has blatantly lied to them on all issues surrounding the war in Eastern Europe. No wonder, because the provocateurs of this war are the same forces that promote false pandemics, fraudulent visions of the destruction of the world by global warming and advocates of a final solution to the Palestine question by Israel.

Beware of people who are sure they are right.
These are the people who will claim that Socrates himself admitted that he knew nothing!

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
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