630. Covid genocide
630. Covid genocide

630. Covid genocide

Ostrzeszów/Poland 02/08/2024

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It was summer 2021. I came to Wroclaw, Poland to visit someone close to me. At home the television is blaring. Ambulance drivers can be heard talking about how the patient they are taking to the hospital cannot be admitted to any of the hospitals in Wroclaw due to overcrowding. You probably remember such repeated reports coming out of the truth box. I suggested that we go to any hospital in Wroclaw to see what the real situation is with this “lack of space” and the queues of helpless ambulances. I received a typical response: “Why should we go there when you can see it on TV?”

A queue of ambulances in Warsaw.

Most of us would rather forget the nightmare of Covid reality that scared us. In January 2024, an article was published on the London platform The ConWom: Shocking statements from nurses with Covid-19.

Nurses, normally reticent in challenging decisions made by doctors in a rigid hierarchical culture, failed to put their patients first. They were complicit in state-sanctioned murder. This was particularly awful in the public hospitals of New York, where the majority of patients were poor and funded by Medicare, the federal system that incentivised use of ventilators, paying hospitals $39,000 per case. As patients were expected to perish, little care was given and they lay unwashed on their faeces. As soon as a corpse was carried out, the apparatus was used for the next admission.

According to Kimberley Overton, a nurse from Nashville, “I have never seen PEEP (positive end-expiratory pressure) this high in my entire career. Normally we set the value to five, but here I saw a value of fifteen. We blew people’s lungs out.”

Covid-19 was not panic by the authorities, but a deliberate and planned takeover of the healthcare system. Individual care, to which taxpaying citizens believe they are entitled, was replaced by Nazi-style viral hygiene. Petty dictators in matrons’ uniform had never enjoyed so much power: no mask, no shift. The rationale for covid rules was never therapeutic, but exertion of totalitarian authority.

Please excuse the many quotes from the article, the link to which can be found above. However, I’m afraid that, like this example with Wroclaw Ambulance, most of you won’t want to click on it and read the article.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
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