629. Tucker Carlson in Moscow
629. Tucker Carlson in Moscow

629. Tucker Carlson in Moscow

Ostrzeszów/Poland 02/07/2024

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The most popular American journalist recently hired by FoxNews, Tucker Carlson, came to Moscow to conduct an interview with Putin despite obstacles from the White House.

Why would he risk so much for an interview? I don’t mean an imaginary risk in Russia – it practically doesn’t exist. He risks being treated similarly to Australian journalist Julian Assange, who faces over 100 years in prison in the United States for publishing truths that are objectionable to the US government. The only thing he wants to tell us, like Assange, is the truth. You can learn about Tucker Carlson’s motivations in a video filmed yesterday in Moscow.

Tucker Carlson described the role of the Western media in this film very well – after all, he knows it inside and out.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been interviewed by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Kremlin confirmed Wednesday. It is Putin’s first interview to a Western journalist since his full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago. Source. So the interview has already taken place, it hasn’t been published yet. For those who are impatient, I would like to inform you that this interview will be published for the first time on Tucker Carlson’s website.

If anyone would like to know what the issue of human rights looks like in the West, they should ask Julius Assange. He is currently in a London prison for preaching the truth.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
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