633. NWO – 33 years of state terrorism
633. NWO – 33 years of state terrorism

633. NWO – 33 years of state terrorism

Ostrzeszów/Poland 02/12/2024

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When in the second half of the last century the world was shocked by news of terrorist attacks in Ireland, Basque separatists in Spain, bloody attacks by the Red Army Faction (RAF) in Germany or suicide attacks by Palestinian fighters, no one expected a much more dangerous form of terrorism could arise: state terrorism.

Greg Reese’s film, published a few days ago on InfoWars, describes the history of the New World Order – i.e. state terrorism.

In this blog you will find a wealth of information and documents on state terrorist activities. Our world is full of “heroes” who trade the law of the jungle for the right to murder people they don’t even know.

There are certainly other countries besides the USA in which a state form of terrorism is used, but the scale of the attacks caused by the USA and the number of victims are incomparably greater than the sum of all terrorist attacks in the world carried out by the USA did not participate. Destroyed countries, murdered millions of people, destabilization of entire regions of the world: This is how the war between the USA and the people led by George H.W. Bush-named countries – the “Axis of Evil”.

Someone asked me, “Why do I hate Americans so much”? My hands drop when I encounter such thoughtlessness. My criticism only applies to a handful of Americans who use their power to commit crimes. An even stupider argument is: “They elected these people”! Look what kind of idiots we have allowed to come to power in our country. This is how the whole world works, where people still go to vote before the voting function is taken over by artificial (not very intelligent, but heavily manipulated) intelligence.

There will be no revolution here.
Appropriate forms are missing!

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
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