396. War with the world
396. War with the world

396. War with the world

Vienna 03/09/2023

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When I wrote my first article on this blog on March 30th, 2020, it never even occurred to me that a war had begun between the self-proclaimed owners of the world and people like all of us who inhabit this planet.

The war without explanation began three years ago. It has been meticulously prepared for decades. The best strategists and an army of psychologists were involved. Detailed plans with many variants were drawn up. Plans that cost billions of dollars to implement.

Creating an artificial pandemic threat is only the first necessary step towards a new kind of war with the world. The dependence of the biggest media tycoons like Reuter, NBC, CNN and also the smaller ones in almost every country in the world. Create opportunities to manipulate elections. Training obedient candidates for future high-ranking politicians. Dependence on the World Health Organization WHO, which replaced the declaration of war with the declaration of a pandemic. Dependence of the United Nations that created or simply made public the 2030 Agenda.

Why was 2020 chosen to start the war? The reason was the growing global financial crisis, which nobody can prevent. This crisis is the result of the growing indebtedness of many countries based on the monetary system. The only thing they could do was delay the economic collapse, based on a belief in the value of money that has long since lost its claim to social trust.

What is the purpose of this war? Goals were defined and published. The most important of them is the power over the whole world. Full control over earthlings, over all nations, races – only permanent control over us all. Depopulation. Their goal is to reduce all humans to about 500 million, which is 16 times fewer than today. 7.5 billion people are about to disappear. It’s easier to control a smaller population.

Admittedly, the investment of huge funds available to our enemies gave rise to many ideas:

  1. Global Warming” caused by human intervention;
  2. The fight against carbon dioxide, without which life on earth could not exist;
  3. Creation of non-binary beings – that is one of a whole range of genders to choose from;
  4. Insects and beetles as the main protein source;
  5. Fifth dose of vaccine as four didn’t work;
  6. Abolition of cash and introduction of digital currencies;
  7. Ban on internal combustion engines in cars from 2035;
  8. Official requirement to heat buildings with at least 65% green electricity (in Germany);
  9. limit air travel to two flights per person per year;
  10. Introduction of identification chips as a replacement for identity documents;
  11. The war in Ukraine – orchestrated, I think, by three world powers;
  12. Sanctions against Russia that will only accelerate the economic crisis.

What weapons do putschists use? Fear, lies and divide people. I would add a genetic experiment to that. Spreading the Fear was the direct reason I started writing this blog.

Divided people are unable to organize and defend themselves effectively.

If you don’t give in to fear, don’t allow people to divide, respect different views, and enjoy this short video below, no wannabe ruler of the world will enslave you.

Source: Telegram 03/04/2023 19:49

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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