80. Another global lie
80. Another global lie

80. Another global lie

Vienna 5/28/2021

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Once upon a time, when journalists from the German magazine Die Welt could still do their job properly, something unimaginable happened today: Instead of copying CNN or Reuters news, as is common today, the journalist did a good job.

What I am writing happened almost exactly 10 years ago. In April 2011, an article on global warming was published in this once respected magazine.

You may be wondering what is the relationship between global warming and plandemic? At first glance, not at all. However, as we get closer, it turns out that ten years ago similar methods were used to convince the public of a theory that is believed to be true but has as much to do with reality as today’s public television broadcasts

Here, too, the rules of psychological warfare apply, fear of scientifically unfounded claims spreads. Here, too, people with a different opinion are fought instead of arguing with their views. Ten years ago, globalists did not have most media dependent on their advertising or simply on payments in the millions, as they do today.

A “tremendous threat” has been created to the earth, creating fear of climate collapse. We have destroyed our environment on an unprecedented scale since the industrial revolution, more than 150 years ago. That is true, and real attention must be paid to it. However, such measures must be based on honest research. Instead of limiting the emission of CO2, which is necessary for the life of all plants and thus indirectly for the fauna, we should invest more energy in the search for new, more ecological production methods. And certainly not to get involved in actions such as building pylons with power generators. Their influence on the energy balance is imperceptible and the environmental impact is considerable.

The vast majority of environmental protection measures are more damaging to the environment. Its only use is for politicians, who then boast of such “achievements” and carefully hide the damage they have caused.

During the largest demonstration in Europe in defense of freedom and democracy, which took place on August 29th last year in Berlin, I had the opportunity to meet the math and physics teacher Björn Köhler. More than a year ago, he conducted a series of physics experiments that showed that global warming could in no way be due to carbon dioxide. He published this experience on YouTube. Here is a link to the first video CO2 lie or is it greenhouse gas? Part 1 attempt with terrible results. The movie is in German, but English subtitles can be turned on.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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